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Call centers are the backbone to most companies because they
are the primary touch point between consumer and business. The way that a call
center functions and provides its services can make the difference between having
many long-lasting clients, or clients that drop out and go to different companies!
It is pivotal to understand the many moving parts that make up a quality call
center, and to take that knowledge and work on it, day in and day out. Since technology
and quality standards are always evolving, one must evolve with them to stay relevant
and successful in the business world.

Technology Matters

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Regardless of the purpose that your call center serves, telephony
can mean the difference between success and failure. PBX system phones much
like the ones produced by Avaya,
have the necessary business features to propel
a call center forward past its competitors. Additionally, IP
and/or Cloud technologies have the ability to make phone systems more
efficient, feature rich and clearer sounding than traditional phone lines. Partnering
up with a unified
communications service provider can also make the building and managing of
these systems more cost efficient as opposed to hosting them in-house.

To ensure that the pertinent technologies and plans align
with company goals, one must analyze the call centers needs and select the
option that works best for them. A successful call center is one that knows its
volume and can accommodate that volume efficiently, and the Erland
Calculator can help with that. This tool plugs in specific variables and
calculates the number of agents needed for a thriving call center and even
provides stats and charts to back up this information. Once this has been done,
the next step to certifying the company has quality systems to fulfill pertient
call center needs would be to ensure that basic
and necessary features are a part of the business communication plan.

Employee Management

The agents that handle customers are vastly important to that
organization’s appearance and reputation, and managing them proficiently can
save and earn the company a lot of money in the long run. Avaya
offers a single interface that can streamline day-to-day management in the
areas of system setup, configuring agents, assigning skill sets, performance
reporting, and managing contact flows. Because the system is extremely
user-friendly, this
interface can assist with successfully managing call-center agents and their
skills, as well as providing essential metrics to enable the organization to
quickly adapt to market changes and fly past its competitors.

Customer Relationship Management

A company’s reputation in its industry is largely impacted
by how the customer perceives all interaction with that company. From
interaction with the agents, the technology and so on. How can a company
successfully find this information and employ it to their business moving
forward? By
utilizing a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

system is a method of managing business relationships with current and future
clients. The process involves a good amount of data mining from different
avenues of communication, producing pertinent intel about the consumer based on
analytics applied to the data, and then storage of this information into one
single database available to agents and others involved in the business. This
in turn provides a method of establishing the proper targeted action to be taken
that aligns with the company goals as well as the consumers’ needs and desires,
streamlining consumer satisfaction.

Having the proper technology, employee and consumer
management systems are three pivotal methods of assuring that the company’s
call center is a step ahead of the rest, giving the business an edge. A successful
call- center will eventually equate to a successful business as it is one of
the primary points of contact for the business to its target audience! Contact
Beacon Telecom today for additional information on how to guarantee your
business call center stands apart from the competition, thus propelling the
business into a brighter future.