Captcha more recognition-based CaRP scheme which shouldCaptcha more recognition-based CaRP scheme which should

Captcha Zoo 28 is a
captcha scheme where with different colors, poses, textures and lightings of 3D
models of horse and dog to generate 2D animals and arranges them on the cluttered
background. To pass the test it asks the user to click all the horses as shown
in Fig. 3 where all horses are circled in red. ClickAnimal is one more
recognition-based CaRP scheme which should be built on Captcha Zoo, here the
alphabet of similar animals like dog, horse, pig, etc. The password is some
sequence of animal names like ? = “Turkey, Cat, Horse, Dog….”. For every
animal, system generates one or more 3D models. ClickAnimal images are
generated from Captcha generation process: 3D models are used to generate 2D
animals by applying different colors, views, lightning effects, textures, and
optionally distortions. On cluttered background like grassland. In ClickAnimal
image, some animals may close or over to other animals but the core parts are
not close or over due to this human can identify them easy. In Fig. 10, the ClickAnimal
image of 10 alphabet animals. From 3D model user, gets different views. When
this image is combined with additional anti-recognition mechanisms it makes difficult
for machines to identify