Carbon temperature increased, climate change and extremeCarbon temperature increased, climate change and extreme

Carbon dioxide is the one the major contributor for global warming and continue increasing trend of carbon dioxide is alarming. In 21st century, the time of industrial revolution, land use and land cover has been changing very significantly. Land use and land cover changes has a massive effect on the present climate system. Terrestrial vegetation has significance importance in-term of carbon dioxide sequestration through the photosynthesis process. In photosynthesis, plants takes the CO2 and give off the oxygen to the atmosphere as a waste gas. The plants retain and use the carbon to live and grow. The continuous rises of CO2 in the 21st century and which lead to temperature increased, climate change and extreme events of weather in different places of the world including India. Terrestrial vegetation plays a significant role to sequestrated the atmospheric CO2 through photosynthesis activity. During the photosynthesis plant takes the required CO2 from atmosphere and convert it into biomass in the present of sunlight, water and other environmental variables. The converted biomass stored into the plant tissue. The whole process happens in a cycle which is part of plant metabolism. Today, every sectors are effecting by the climate change including agriculture also. Climate change is treating the agriculture sectors in many way, which is effecting the global food security. Due to large uncertainties in the global carbon cycle, the prediction of climate change is difficult. Carbon cycle is the natural process, which has been ongoing throughout the Earth’s history. Carbon is exchanging among hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere of the planet by the process of biogeochemical cycle. Since the industrial revolutionary taken place, several anthropogenic activity has modified the carbon cycle by changing its function and adding directly carbon to the atmosphere. Atmosphere, soil, ocean everywhere carbon is distributed.