“Carve an inspiration for all, how he“Carve an inspiration for all, how he

your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of
others and the stories they share about you” – Shannon L.Alder 


idea of leaving a legacy is the need or the desire to be remembered for what
you have contributed to the world. Someday when we pass away, those who mourn
will not be sitting around talking about how we died, but instead, they will be
telling stories of how we lived. Today people may argue on just about
everything but there is one uderlying truth that no one can deny, Our time on
this earth is limited, as such we humans have a innate need to be remembered or
leave a mark on this earth. How we go about doing so is different for each individual,
some have managed to attain an ever lasting legacy by achieving monumental
feats of conquest while others pioneered change through innovation and
ingenuity. However, most will leave behind a more modest legacy that
necessarily doesn’t change the world but does leave behind a lasting footprint
in lives of those around them.

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remember my high school teacher once asked us how we wanted to be remembered.
At the time i didn’t think much of it but as i grew older this question stuck
with me. At first i used to idolize the likes of Bill Gates, the kind of legacy
he would leave behind. I soon realized i wanted to follow a different path.
While it’s good to aim big and work hard to achieve those, for me fame and
wealth isn’t what i want to be remembered for. Later i tried following the
example of late Abdul Sattar Eidi an inspiration for all, how he helped change
millions of lives, but with time i found myself too busy in my studies and work
to devote time for welfare activities. Alas i was not as selfless as i hoped to
be. Disheartened, I once again started pondereing what my legacy ought to
be.  I was never the high achiever nor
the most charasmatic guy, my attempt at being selfless didn’t amount to much
aswell, so what kind of legacy could a person like me hope to leave behind.


fate would have it the answer was always infront of me but i was too blind to
see it. One fine evening, while i was at a shopping mart buying some groceires,
i saw a father handing his child an icecream. The smile on that childrens face
is something i will never forget. Soon instances of people, who had brought
smile on my face, started to pour into my head. The time my father took me for
hot chocolate late at night or the time my mother cooked my favourite dish just
because i feeling down on doing poorly in my exams. My brother giving me the
last slice of pizza or even how the university guard would always greet me with
a smile. The feeling was one i wouldn’t trade for all the wealth in the world.
Thus, i came to the conclusion that my legacy should be a smile on the faces of
people whenever my stories are told. Even if i am able to bring a smile on one
persons face after i am gone, I would be pleased with the legacy i left behind.


isn’t merely leaving behind what we have earned but also what we learned. Each
one of us has an opportunity to make a difference in someones life. Legacy for
me doesn’t intail performing grandiose tasks, you don’t have to be a Martin
Luther King or a Jinnah to leave an eternal impact on the world. Our every
action dictates how we are perceived by others, they leave behind an imprint in
the minds of others. We are defined by how we treat others and at the end of
the day that is how we will be remembered. It is better to remember as ray of
light than a source of darkness in someones life.


At the
end of the day a legacy need not be flamboyant or grand just one that leaves a
sense of happiness in others. You don’t need to perform ground breaking feats;
just hope to do good by others as it’s the little things that matter. Such as
greeting someone with a smile or giving a child an icecream. Spending time with
your family. Helping the elderly and the needy. Being a source of encouragement
for people. The small deeds we perform leave a larger impact in others life
than we comprehend.


will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. But people will
never forget how     you made them feel”
-Maya Angelou