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·     A presidential palace is the formal, royal ‘residence’ and
‘workplace’ of the Monarchs and high-ranking dignitary, in some nations they
use only as a Workplace  like here in
Kurdistan and in many counties uses both as a workplace and a residence like
the “White House” in USA. The world’s largest Presidential Palace is in Turkey
which is named as “Cumhurba?kanl??? Saray?” (Presidential Complex ).


title president is came from the Latin prae- “before” + sedere
“to sit.” As such, it initially designated the officer who presides
over or “sits before”.


A presidential
system is a democratic and republican scheme of government where a head of
government leads an administrative branch that is separate from the legislative
branch. This head of government is in most cases also the head, which is called
president. In the majority of presidential systems, the president is elected by
popular vote. A presidential system contrasts with a parliamentary system,
where the head of government is chosen to power through the legislative. There
is also a hybrid system called semi-presidentiables’.Countries that feature a
presidential or semi-presidential system of government are not the high-class
users of the title of president.


A Palace
is came from the Palatine Hill in Rome, where the Roman emperors built
their residences.  Is a luxurious,
deluxe, royal residence, and sometimes a seat of government or religious center.
As a building a palace should be distinguished from a castle, that is a large
building or group of buildings fortified against attack with thick walls,
battlements, towers, and in many cases a moat.





Historical Background

From the ancient times any tribes and groups had a manger that
affairs and directs them, for this reason they built their own special place to
gather and work till now day by day the construction of this place was
developed till it reached to a Palace.

The earliest recognized palaces are those built in Thebes by King
Thutmose III (reigned 1504–1450 BCE) Tuthmosis
III’s temple was devoted to Amun and nearby, a chapel was built to honor
Hathor, as well. Its ancient name was (Amun)-Djeser-akhet, meaning “Holy
of Horizon”. And by Amenhotep III (reigned 1417–1379 BCE) of Egypt.
Digs of Amenhotep’s palace reveal a rectangular outer wall enclosing a
labyrinth of small, dark rooms and courtyards, a pattern broadly repeated
in Eastern palaces of later ages. And 
The first Known Use of Palace is in 14th century. 

III’s Temple of Amun at Deir el-Bahari.( Hatshepsut)


platform partially cut from the rock and partially constructed of loose stones,
supported by a stone revetment. The
temple included a system of ramps and terraces, and included a large hypostyle
hall with 76 polygonal columns around the perimeter and 12 larger columns
closer to the center. These features were monitored by a hall for Amun’s boat,
and the inner sanctuary.




                                Amenhotep’s palace by Amenhotep III



1.3  Types And Categories


1.3.1 Top 10 Presidential Palaces In The World:-


1. White House, Washington D.C. (United States).

2. Presidential Palace, Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

3. Ak Orda Presidential Palace, Astana

4. Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi (UAE).

5. Prague Castle, Prague (Czech Republic).

6. Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow (Russia).

7. Oguzkhan Presidential Palace, Ashgabat

8. Unity Palace, Yaounde (Cameroon).

9. Presidential Office Building, Taipei (Taiwan).

The Flagstaff House,Accra(Ghana).


The largest place that built in the 100 years anywhere in the world
is Cumhurba?kanl??? Saray?” (Presidential Complex ) which is located in the
“Be?tepe” neighborhood of Ankara, That’s opened on 29 October of 2014  It has 1150 rooms. At 30 times bigger than
White House .




1.4 Limitations And Obstacles

Designing the interior of Presidential Palaces from the beginning
of historical times till now is something diverse from other buildings design
because it should reflect the meaning of something Royal and showing power.
Choosing Materials, large and huge Scale, Big Area, Suitable Location, and
Luxurious Design is some of the important points of designing the Interior of
The Presidential Palace. The architects of ancient Babylon achieved greater
symmetry, using lobbies and repeated groupings of rooms.


Significance Of The Project

As long as the President is the Commander of the Community and
Nation he needs a Suitable and Royal place for his essential career and


The Reasons For The Selection Of Project


·       Providing a better workplace.

·       Showing Kurdish Architecture.


1.6  Objectives And Aim Of The Project


As a
result of the huge rapid development of Kurdistan during the past few years
from the March of 1991 till now we need to Achieve and show more :-


·       Identity.

·       Cultural goals.

·       Social goals.

·       Economic goals.

·       Political goals.

·       Civilization goals.