Chia-Ying word about every two seconds, fasterChia-Ying word about every two seconds, faster

Chia-Ying ChenProfessor FormanHum 00416 December 2017The Arrival This film, arrival is intended to convey the importance and subjectivity of “communication” through the communication between aliens and earth, and the linear and non-linear nature of “language”, which can then be extended to “cooperation” or “differences” between international countries, and “rational” or “radical” between people. The arrival is described about that one day, 12 unidentified flying objects landed in various parts of the world, and the linguistic professor Louise Banks was found to work on the translation of alien languages, as well as military theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly. After they wore the equipment, they go to the space shuttle (Shell) to interact with the aliens, and the shell will open every 18 hours .So, the so-called alien looks like the octopus of seven feet, and they call it Heptapod, and the protagonist, Louise, starts to talk to them, and these two aliens, they call it Abbott and Costello. However, aliens have their own words, which are circular, but there are no rules for the orthography. The key point is that this type of text belongs to “nonlinear text”, which is different from general linear characters. Their each foot can squirt ink written in the air, complete a word about every two seconds, faster than we write many. In past, it was difficult to communicate between humans and aliens. As time goes, Louise led the communication and language teaching, and gradually found the comparison between the English and the alien language. However, some words may not be confined to a single meaning, which also indicates that the language is “subjective”, and different people have different interpretations, which may lead to different consequences. One time, they finally asked the question that people want to know: “what’s the purpose of you come to earth?” But a partial interpretation of that is, “Offer Weapons.” Louise thought maybe weapon in their cognitive don’t mean that, but some countries have already received the message, the move more determined the expulsion of aliens, against alien action, especially in the movie as bear the brunt of radicals.One time, when Louise was alone in shell, an alien sent a small spaceship to get him into another dimension, it was a real face to face, and one of the aliens was dying because someone had planted the bomb, the alien was in front of Louise and metaphor that the real purpose of the human. However, it was not a weapon, but a gift. The aliens would share their words as gifts and techniques so the future could be predicted by understanding such nonlinear characters. Because in the next 3000 years later in future, the aliens to predict they will need human help, this trip is to give power to the human such unpredictable, then they selected the Louise in human because  he is kind and friendly. After watching this film, it is worth exploring the ability to predict the future, even if  I am able to see the scourge of the future, and I believe I will stick with it.