Childhood our things, we had this lineChildhood our things, we had this line

Childhood memories are engraved in our mind, heart and soul. Some lines stay there forever and one was ‘Made in India’. Usually on most of our things, we had this line printed and then came a time when we grew up. We then got coloured in the culture of malls and international brands and then ‘Made in UK’, ‘Made in USA’ and certain  international  brands  superseded  ‘Made  in  India’.  The  youths  today  are flamboyant and like to show off the tags of international brands on their shirt, jeans,                                                                                        th and jackets and on every small thing they buy or use. Suddenly, on 25   September 2014 the manufacturing sector of India was taken by storm when our PM Narendra Modi launched the Make in India programme     The ‘Make in India’ has not only its Tense changed, but also the attitude. This initiative ‘Make in India’ emphasizes to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. It is  a powerful galvanizing call to business leader of  the world to come and invest in India. This slogan is an inspiring call to all global business leaders by the government of India with a promise to facilitate the growth of the companies they bring into India     The logo of ‘Make in India’ a lion made of gear wheels, reflecting the government’s vision of manufacturing India. This initiative is based on 4-pillars: – New processes that would replace outdated policies, decade old long procedures and red tapism, new infrastructure  that  will  comprise  smart  cities  with  state-of-the-art-technology, identification  of  new  sector  to  attract  FDI  in  them  and  a  new  mindset  where  the government won’t be a regulator but rather a facilitator to woo global manufacturing giants to invest in India      Make  in  India  is  the  single  largest  manufacturing  initiative  undertaken  by  a nation in recent history. It has been built by collaborative effort. The department of industrial policy and promotion initiated this process by inviting participants from union ministries, secretaries and various knowledge partners. Various sectors have been  opened up  for  investment  and sectors  like  defence, railways  and space  have also been open for FDI      Make in India has to be a movement rather than an initiative to be successful in a policy-ridden country. It has to be beyond full-page coloured advertisements. It must be informative and must inspire and infuse confidence in the business world, inspiring them to become potential partners of the Indian business communities and reforms Make in India till now has been lauded by the manufacturing world. The government within a short span of time has replaced obsolete obstructive framework of the past and has replaced it with user-friendly system  to drive  investment and increase  in FDI. Till March 2016, 44% (percent) increase in FDI equity inflows was seen.