Chinese individuality. Such as traditional Chinese medicineChinese individuality. Such as traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese and western cultural differences
reflected in many aspects: first, integrity and individuality difference.
Oriental countries emphasize
holistic and integrated, while westerners pay attention to individuality. Such
as traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Chinese medicine
emphasizes the whole, western medicine is different, from the point of view of
anatomy, it attaches great importance to the whole of the local. Difference
between the overall thinking and individual thinking but also in the daily
conversation, such as in many reports, a Chinese to westerners eat at home,
when the host asked today When eating Chinese food or western food, the guest
very politely said: “whateverAB1 .” In
the west to understand such a reply, they said as soon as the word have a
headache, don’t know how to repair. Our deep thinking mode, considered with the
main of manners, is respect for the host, but westerners don’t think so, this
is the difference. Conversely, Europeans who come to China, you ask him what
they’re going to do today, he must not say “casual,” will make clear
his wish.

Second, the differences between the western and
Chinese speech. In China, to people’s health care is educated, polite
performance. But for westerners expressed concern about the health, cannot according
to the traditional Chinese way. A Chinese student learned that their American
teachers sick, will concern to say “you should go to see a doctor.” And behold,
the words of caring makes the teacher is not happy. AB2 Because it
seems to the teacher, see a doctor unhealthily such simple things even a child
knows, don’t need anyone to teach. If to some small matter may give advice, it
is clearly on its ability to doubt, thereby significantly hurt their
self-esteem. The hospitality of Chinese people at the table by westerners often
misunderstood as uncivilized behavior. For westerners think: guests eat eat
less completely is decided by yourself, don’t have to master to add wine and
food for him, and overeating is highly respectable, so guests to dinner, after
owner don’t have to persuade him to eat. A American guests see China master
uneasy constantly give him food, he later complained that “master treats
me like a pig.” Chinese people get between acquaintances, often with
impunity said: “oh, man, you recently fat again!” Or concern said:
“man, you are thin, pay attention to the body!” If westerners hear
you say “you are fat” or “you are so thin, even if the familiar
with, can also feel awkward and difficult to answer.

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Third, the difference between values and
moral standards. Westerners worship individual struggle, especially for
personal achievements of the proud, never hide their self-confidence, sense of
honor and the ecstasy of after achievement. On the contrary, Chinese culture
show not advocating personal honor, but advocate modest. Chinese people oppose
to boast, but the Chinese self modest or self denial is often make westerners.
“Your English is very good,” “No, No, my English is very
poor”; “You ‘ve done a very good job,” “No, I don’ t think
so. It ‘s the result of be efforts.” this modest, in western opinion, not
only denied himself, also denies praise your taste. The Chinese modesty in
capitalist competition market is it won’t work. In addition, westerners
self-centeredness and independent consciousness very strong, mainly displays
in: (1) is responsible for himself. In the law of the jungle society, everyone
living style and quality of life depends on their abilities, therefore,
everyone must self-made, put personal interests in the first place. (2) not accustomed
to care about others, helping others, don’t ask other people’s things.AB3  (3) is due to the
above two points, take the initiative to help others or accept others help in
the west is often the embarrassing thing. AB4 Because accept
help can prove himself incompetent, and take the initiative to help others is
considered meddle in other people’s private affairs. The Chinese code of
conduct is “I to others, whether useful for society,” the value of
the individual is manifested in the dedication. Chinese culture praise highly a
noble sentiment, selfless dedication. In China, active care about others, give
a person with meticulous consideration is a virtue, therefore, the Chinese
great events and bagatelle of whether others, family affairs are ready to take the
initiative to care about, and that in the west would be considered
“meddling.”Western culture encourages people to blaze new trails, to
do something nobody has done and distinguished extraordinary career. While the
traditional Chinese culture requires people to follow the middle-ground, Chinese
people are good at the future risk, more willing to maintain the status quoAB5 , maintain
harmony. Westerners cherish personal freedom, like follow one’s inclinations,
only to walk alone, would not restricted. Chinese culture is more emphasis on
collectivism, advocate personal interest obedience collective interests, share
the joys and sorrows, unity and cooperation, moving in tandem.

Fourth, the
difference of social relations. Westerners equality consciousness strong, rich
or poor, everyone will respect themselves and don’t allow infringed upon their
rights. At the same time, everyone can fully respect others. In the United
States, few people are proud of their eminent family background, also few
people ashamed of his poor background, because they all know, as long as their
efforts, is sure to succeed. As the popular proverb says: “If working
hard, even a cowboy can be President.” new China has been established for
nearly 60 years, but the traditional manner, parent-child hierarchical remains
entrenched in the minds of the Chinese people. Father in the eyes of his son,
the teacher has absolute authority in the eyes of students, in the person’s
family background, still plays an important role in the growth. American family
structure is simple: parents and minor children, called the nuclear family.
Once children get married, have to move out, must also be financially
independent. Parents no longer have an obligation to support their children.
This approach provides maximum freedom for young people, and cultivate their
ability to live independently, but also alienates the relationship between the
relatives. Chinese family structure is more complex, the traditional happy
family is four generations. In such a family, the old man to help look after
children, grandchildren grew up to help support the old man, between family
members depend on each other, help each other, close relationships. However,
this lifestyle is not conducive to cultivating the independent ability of young

Five, the differences between the social
etiquette. Meet the Chinese like to ask each other name, age, unit and income,
etc. Westerners hate somebody else asked about private things such as age and
income. In Chinese the acquaintances always greet a way: “have a
meal?” “Where to?” And so on. In our opinion this is a polite
greeting, and if you greet with westerners such “on had your meal?”
“Where you going?” They will think you would like to invite him to
dinner or interference in his private affairs, will cause misunderstanding.
Westerners meet, usually called a way: “Hello!” “How do you
do!” “Nice day, isn ‘t it?” For other people’s praise, the
Chinese usually say modest, and westerners are always pleased to answer “thank
you” to accept it. The occasion of the Chinese with “thank you”
is less, especially not between very close friends and family members used to
say “thank you.” Westerners hang “thank you” in the mouth
all day long, even between close friends and family members are often so.
Chinese people often put aside when receive gifts, look at, so that others said
greed. When westerners receive gifts should immediately open in front of the
guest and even claimed that good. Over and over again the Chinese hospitality,
cups of wine, food, guests don’t eat not, don’t drink also not line, that
westerners find it difficult to deal with. Westerners habit is: Help yourself?please! In Chinese, the host and the guest often said:
“good-bye!” “Be careful!” “Goodbye, go!”
“You come in!” “Please stay”, etc. Westerners only say:
“Bye Bye!” “See you next time!” “Good night!”

Six, the differences between the social customs.
American women and Chinese women’s status is not high, but American women had
the opportunity to can enjoy the knight of many traditional customs and
etiquette in American society respect women can be seen everywhereAB6 : men open doors for ladies. Ms helped out of the
car; In the street, men walk outside, the woman walked inside, to provide
protection to ms; Ms into the restaurant, all of the men have to stand up;
Table, men want to pull the chair for ladies, such as ladies standing a good
position again back to the woman behind the chair, she sat down, please.
Chinese society for women to take care of and etiquette seems to be a bit less,
and there are some experts note that belt beside the word “?” in Chinese characters have
quite a few contain derogatory sense, such as “???????”. And westerners view of marriage and marriage of the Chinese
people is very different. Because they think: marriage is a personal affair, no
one can interfere; Marriage does not belong to moral issues at the same time.
One has the right to choose and to his/her favorite people live together, once
found that the existing marriage was a mistake, he/she have a choice for a
second time. If the couple fell in love with a third party, either party will
not to blame. In their view: forced two people who love each other live
together is cruel. The Chinese marriage is relatively stable. This is because
the Chinese people treat marriage as a top priority in life, everyone is
treated with caution, choose seriously, once decided, will not change easily.
And the Chinese always regard marriage as a serious moral problems, cast or
third party involvement is considered highly unethical.

To sum up, the cultural differences between Chinese
and western’s expressed in many ways, but simple to generalize is not
complicated: reflected in the way of thinking is the difference between the
abstract and concrete, which are reflected in the attitude to life seems to be
more practical, can be understood as westerners Chinese much more heavily on
some mental feelings.

Like Chinese card, literal translation is the access
card, in the French in French translation for aircraft and aircraft carrier
ships, etc., from the word creation point of view of practical use. Chinese and
western culture have many differences, there are many differences, many of
those customs also generates a lot of jokes. Similarities in different
cultures, however, is that these are human culture development course, these
cultural differences can’t say who actor who is bad, this is the objective
form, their presence will cause the continued development of human culture, in
today’s world, no nation and country may lose or get rid of their own
traditional culture.

Most people see the eastern and western cultural
differences, so, where’s the east and west cultural similarities?

First is the music aspects. About the origin of the
human society music can be traced back to very old age of universe. When not
produce human language, has been known to use voice high and low, strong or
weak, etc to express your meaning and feelings. With the development of human
labor, gradually produced a unified labor rhythm cell and mutual information of
shout, this is the most primitive music shape; When people celebrate the
harvest and share the achievements of labor, often hit the stone, wood to
express joy, the joy of love, this is the prototype of the original instrument.
Fiddle with the pipa, for example, they have great similarities in both the
physical, and has strong penetrating power on sound point treble of bright and
rich rigidity, register in soft and have sound, bass area quality stable. Pipa
is a long history in our country the main plucked strings, bass also has the
important status in western music.

Second, the diet aspect, they are all in order to
fill the stomach, for the purpose of and focus on the taste, taste. Besides?now advocate of green food, the
first of its safety and health, are now in urgent need of health and hygiene,
taste of food. Finally, China and the west also have similar taste, class, such
as luxury goods.

Third is about holiday. In the traditional Chinese
valentine’s day is every year the lunar July 7, the legendary cowherd and vega
to meet.

Western valentine’s day is February 14 every year,
along with the progress of The Times, the valentine’s day by east west
popularity among young people.

Rose, chocolate, apple, red wine and a couple
packages have become the valentine’s day to express the best gift. Because
valentine’s day in the warm welcome the broad masses of young people,
therefore, both the east and the west, valentine’s day has become all stores,
boutiques, gift shop, restaurant, bar and film festival. Four, religious myths
are between the east and the west in ancient times human beings. As one of the
origins of folk literature, evidence that the working people is the creator of
the spiritual civilization, never produce all is closely related with people’s
life and history. The essence of the myths are with imagination and with the
aid of imagination to conquer the forces of nature, control the forces of
nature, the forces of nature are shaped like; Has Chinese and western mythology
is through people’s fantasies in an unconscious way of artistic processed form
of nature and society itself, it also reflects the people’s suffering on the
east and the west on the gods of the common points. Religion has been widely
used to maintain class rule between east and west. In the eastern civilization,
Buddhism and Taoism has a great influence on people. Buddha Buddha,
bodhisattva, the jade emperor is the main people worship gods. Various dynasty
rulers use the thought of Buddhism to rule the people, make people obey the
will of ruler, to maintain the class interests of this class. At that time,
Buddhism stability and made great contributions to the society. While in the
west, the main religion is Islam and Christianity. Jesus, god is the main
character of the people’s faith in the west. Religion reflects the people of
god and the study of ultimate concern of ethical value.

The law of the universe is the origin and, since the
ancient times, people called the cause of the universe, god, god day, or the

In ancient times, Chinese people believe there is a
creator or supreme god, shang dynasty and the shang dynasty people call it god,
before the zhou dynasty people call day, people use Lao zi and zhuang zhou to
named it. Although names are different, but the same creator who. Most people
admit and people are guilty, and separated from the creator of the eternal.
People want to get rid of their sin and will suffer retribution for sin.
Religion is also to maintain national stability and social harmony of one of
the measures. It reflected the religion as a kind of spiritual beliefs, deeply
rooted in people’s social ideas, and a social force to be reckoned with. Both
the east and west side, believers because of their faith intercommunity and
form the relatively independent social group, and play their own use. This
group is sometimes a part of the national people or more part of the national
people, sometimes it is the whole nation, sometimes it is a country or several
countries. Religion is the believers mobilize or key factors together. East and
west of the feudal rulers will not ignore the role of religion, not to see
religion as a social force to the interests of the rule of positive or negative
impact. Therefore, east and west make full use of religion to this order all
the interests as feudal rulers common policy choices.

Last, think ill in ancient Chinese tradition is the
result of the devil’s work, even if really sick, also cannot say
“disease” word. From a patient’s own perspective, people do not want
to suffer the pain; From the aspects of consideration for others, for the
patient the truth will increase their sadness and worry. Usually use
“Clinton”, uncomfortable, “” look”, “instead
of” disease “, the disease “illness change little, ailment
without”. When westerners talk about disease, also is taboo, multi-purpose
“haveatrouble” diseases. It comes to “disabled”, people are
more careful, because a group of disabled people in the society can not be
neglected, is, due to their physical and psychological harm, their self-esteem
is very strong, and very sensitive. Use “not flexible legs” in
Chinese, a bit not make “ears”, couldn’t make the “eyes”,
because in some occasions what others’ physical defect, will definitely be
slapped someone, throw the scars. In order to reduce the harm of the disabled,
life often use the euphemism expression mentioned in the article. That English
and Chinese are identical, such as “imperfecthearing” said
“deaf” “inconvenient” said “dis – abled”,
“special” said “mentalretardation”.

Although there are many differences between Chinese and western
culture in values and folk customs, there is a special similarity in the use of
some euphemism. “Death”, for example, no matter any country and
nation, anyone, no matter what his position that flatters, geometry, income
level, old or young, have a strong fear for “death”.
“Death” is a terrible thing in the east and the west, and people
always try to avoid it when it comes to the word. Superstitious people age
seventy-three and seventy-three are the two “level”, so many reached
the age of the two old people are not willing to disclose their actual age, are
usually more or less said one year old, in order to avoid the two as related to
death. The majority of people in english-speaking countries believe in
Christianity, and religious monism has a greater influence on euphemism.
“Death” is a kind of mysterious and taboo things, people can not
explain the mystery of “death” and terrible, and turned to religion,
many in the west is related to “death” euphemism comes from the bible.
In the book of genesis, the book of genesis mentions that god created human
beings with the earth, and that human beings are created equal, and hence
“toreturntotheearth” after death. A considerable number of christians
believe in “original sin”, in which death means “paying off the
debt” and taking the ledgers to god to “sell off”. Only those
who are doing good deeds in life can “enter the kingdom of heaven”
and “be with god”, while those who do evil and do evil can only
“go to hell” and accept the punishment of eternity. One of the most
influential religions in China is Buddhism, although Buddhism originated in
India, but since the tang dynasty, Buddhism has influenced China as much as
native religion. The “death”, “death”, “xie shi”
and other death euphemism in Chinese are all from the buddhist
“samsara”. And buddhists believe in reincarnation. Only by converting
to the buddhist gate can you get rid of the endless troubles and hardships.
Only by reading the buddhist scriptures and practicing the practice can you
make a positive fruit. Therefore, the buddhist also called “death”,
“silence”, “sit”, “silence” and so on. Taoism,
which originated in our country, believes that man is part of nature and seeks
immortality through the use of the making of Dan medicine to achieve
immortality and physical immortality. It is believed that human death is
“feather”, “death”, “go to the west”, “drive
back to the jade pool” and so on.