Cinema Birds (1963) within his films heCinema Birds (1963) within his films he

Cinema to many people is an enjoyment of seeing a new world, with the means of ecaspeing yours for 2 hours, as the spectators of the character lives on the screen. This can be a pleation of which, devise from the sense denied by emotions in are brain, apdating what we can see into something we envy, something one has dream about, perhaps only something imagination can recreate. The reason cinema is created is to bring the imagination of ones mind to life. But a way in which we look is in a term of scopophilia. This is dividing pleasure from looking, most in a sexual fashion, which in gulfs are senses in a lust for the sight itself. This was a term most notabley introduced by fraud QUOTE For which seeing a female body creates female curiosity, leading to fitcsasion of want more. also Jacques Lacan drew up on the theory in which the gaze was gain with a drive of want to know a sexual different which would drive ones emotions fueling the scopophilic drive. This would later be the use of a the body in which many cinema psychoanalysts of the 1970s would describe pleasure of unconscious minds of the audience within the screening of film. A most term most used in  Laura Mulvey’s influential 1975 essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
Hitchcock paragraph 
Alfred hitchcock, was a English director who was famous for directing such films as vertigo (1958), rear window(1954) and The Birds (1963) within his films he convays his own unique style and technique that can be seen all across his film. You could say he is one of the main auteur of the time due to his untentcal attention to detail. One film in which he pushed to changed his skill is within the film psycho(1960) within the film it goes into great depth, into the pleasure in which the audience get from the film itself. Hitchcock wants  the audience to see the characters world through there eyes.  Following the world in which they live in very intermittently, following steps towards that characters demise. Within psycho Hitchcock creates an tension building drama of one women, plan to escape from a world in which she is in gulped in male facissam. And is a minority within society being treated in a way which creates great sexual dominoce over, in which the main character…. Can’t go about her day without being targeted by a men, feeling singled out by society. Hitchcock creates a revolutionary horror which changed the tradition horror scene stepping away for a fantasy and moving towards a more violent and more down to earth media. into a suppence driven rollaoster ride, which twists and turns create an unbalance of emotions in which arcs are started but utumitly never finish.Audincece throughout what to follow the character throughout. The karma throughout psycho favours Marian with more screen time and bigger clear fames of shot. Financial in nature, hitchcocks economical story telling, 

First scene- where she has come back to the bed room with money 9:15- 10:30
The start of this scene opens with a very reviled marina, from this first shot we are almost draw to looking at her as if the Carmel almost wants us to look her, as she is a the main bold figure in a scene of dark, dull colour. The carmra its self is a in the way of a pair of eye gazing inside the room in which is her own private quarters, in which she feel safe away from society in an evident she is left to her own thought in which no-one is there to judge her decision. Within this scene it is also the first time ponit of view shots are used  giving the audience the almost first person shot of what the character is feeling and doing.
 We next see a shot of the money that Marian was supposed to have give to the bank as a deposit for a client,as such has taken it, as the carmara pans in more, it become an extrema closer up. In which the eyes of the view gaze upon it feeling greed for the money. This is an example of hitchcocks Hitchcocks economical visual storytelling, As the money feels the screen we are then infused by the sound of a very ominous tone in music, of such this the first time since the start credits that music of such kind has been played. This creates and for the first time in the film which creates the build of a tension underline, portray a lay in story that may take us further down the rabbit hole.  Leading on from this shot, we are soon met of a suitcase full of clothes meaning she is planning to run away, escape with the money in which is not hers to be taken. This gives a glaze of a moral choice in which she must decised on. Since the view sees the case packed with clothes, this creates a though of her going through with it. She is debating whether to make an unethical decision, should she do the right thing or go with what she feels can give her self the personal gain.  She is committing a criminal act but as the shot pans to her we almost want her to commit the crime to run from what she is torcared by each and every day to gain a better life from this one act of moral unasurecly. Being the audience we are as much part of the crime as we are almost a second set of eyes to the character, we are selfs are implicated in the scenario. Its that scenario anyone clue face do you do A do the right thing or B see the opportunity and walk away with it,  it is always a tough moral choice that can only lead to a rocky road of self deception. In this case we know the money comes from a man that makes more than he can spend an quote “I never carry more than I can afford to lose” This quote alone gives her the temptation that the money wouldn’t even be missed he is painted in a most unfavourable light, he is cocky of his wealth flirting with her knowing he has all the power and she is just a women of incident and nievaty.  like he would care if it is gone he just has some more he could use. I think this is what makes her lead into temptation more than her normally would. This is justification Hitchcock gives for her to gain sympathy for the actions that follow. We almost what her to evade capture we want her to get away as she almost needs this to get away. This is a very fateful decision what will ultimately lead to her downfall and demise. 

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Second shower scene 36:40- 41:40
This scene unlike the other takes an almost darker tone, you could almost say this is the downfall scene. From the moment she stole the money the events that lust set in motion have led up to this point. This scene is almost complete different in composure, it has a very noticeable darker tone to the colour as though the colour has gradgerly draining up to this point, This highlights her travel towards her final destination, as the scene become darker it is or though  We have been in cuffed by this journey and the view has become distort we are not clear of how we have got this far and what is end and how the events that follow we lead on to. From the start of this scene the overall tension as mourned to a unsealable point of which could only led to the cap by let of and the slips of tension to erupt. We are met with Norman after talking to marina, and no going off to bed. Has almost blended into the darkness as he is just a sillowet in the scene, he is connsomened by the darkness, this convays a darker side to him in which we didn’t first see. Unlike the other men in the film he at first seem he wasn’t all that after marina for his own personal gain, he almost wanted to help her. But maybe that was all a roughe to keep hiden his true intentions. Watching him more we see he has a peep hole into marinas room, suggesting from the very start he knew his true intensions because we even thought about it. As he looks through the hole the carmara almost chases into a first person view of us looking at her in an rather uncomfortable fashion. The audience are made to really that they has gazing at marina in a sexual desire. And in one way we almost enjoy the view and watch to take this though. But as the view we know its not morally right, for that we just contract. From a stand point throughout this film this is the first really time we are a male gaze that of which is a first hand look of how other men may of which see marina. They see her for almost a pice of meat, lavitionly awoke to me gazed upon as she undress to take a shower. 
The scene itself intensionfelys as for even second we gaze upon marina, the music gets louder as the violin plays tieter and haunts straight through he audience. The camera its self has become a lot tieter almost become uncountable as we are just met by the truoblesum look of normans lust. As the scene continues we see Norman stop and walk away this could mean he knows he has done wrong but has to shamefully walk away,  the audience its self become more relax as the music and carmrea pan to a more relax and netual level giving us the second t step back and reflect on the scene and what is to follow. 
We cut but to marina as though we have been without her for so long, we are as such reunited to caution as her almost watcher. As she is starting to have a shower the eyes as very much glued to her as she is basct upon in her naked beauty. At this point she feels though she has successed she has won and now this is blessed with rebirth, from the water of the shower. As though the water is washing away her sins. Although this scene captures a rather tied coplection it has utmiltly forget about the tendon build up, and from the light tiles of the barthroom we begin to easy becoming more captured in the scene its self. But suddenly out of nowhere we have met by the shadow of something upon the curtain, quickly the tension that built up exploses and we are met with the pessing as loud ver powering voiolins which define the scene. The horror as marina mets her end as her body is stab mutipley, as the quick shots of tied imagery gives the audience a powerful and chilling death. 
Like god in the old testament Hitchcock is puishing marion and the audience for leading in to temptation of stealing the money and becoming a crminal of the actions that follow. Are attachment is broken we no longer have a soul provider of the enjoy we need now she is gone dead to a world in which is unforgiving. Upon her death the carmra pans into marinas face capturing her last emotion withdrawlal from the world and becoming consumed by her demise. As she dies the carmra is then tracked around to a shot of the money, as she looks at the money as to think this is how it started and this now how it ends. And like the opening shot the carmara then tracked around to find the next new host for the audience to attach themselves to this being norman,  we are too almost draw to him as he shows characterises that create a safe secure beacon of humanity.
Shower head, macbeth 
Hitchcock wants  the audience to see the characters world through there eyes.  Following there world. Audincece throughout what to follow the character throughout. The karma throughout psycho favours Marian with more screen time and bigger clear fames of shot. 
Financial in nature, hitchcocks economical story telling,