Civil Engineering is essential in the modernCivil Engineering is essential in the modern

Civil Engineering is essential in the modern
world, and is taken for granted daily, but we would find life very hard to live
without the work of great civil engineers. Everywhere you look a civil engineer
has had an impact on the design and implementation of that structure, whether
it be a road, a school, a hospital, a railway line, an airport or a water supply.
Civil engineering is constantly improving people’s lives and offers an exciting
and diverse working environment that is always evolving and developing. I hope
to play a significant role in the industry that will reshape the environment
for the better.

After thoroughly enjoying maths and geography
at GCSE, I enrolled at North West Regional College and chose to study an Extended
Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment. I have excelled in this
course, achieving the highest grade, as well as receiving the high academic
achiever award. I particularly enjoy the mathematical based modules and have
taken on further maths on my own accord to further develop my learning. By
studying my course I have gained instrumental knowledge, specific to the
construction industry, which has further cemented my dream to become a civil
engineer. I am also a student member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and
have recently applied for their Quest Technician Scholarship. I hope to one day
be a Chartered Engineer with this institution.

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My degree choice was further cemented through
summer work experience with Farrans. I visited the A6 Randalstown to
Castledawson duelling scheme, a significant project that will remove a major
bottleneck and enhance the strategically important route for the North West
which links Derry and Belfast. I worked closely with qualified engineers and
relished the chance to become fully involved in an actual engineering problem.
I gained invaluable experience in the industry and have acquired work place methodology,
interpersonal skills, as well as time management and presentation skills.

Outside college I work full time as a day
shift manager in a very fast pace environment. I am responsible to ensure the
shift runs smoothly whilst managing and motivating the team to work as
efficiently as possible. This has instilled in me a strong work ethic and has developed
my planning, communication and leadership skills.

Na Magha is the only hurling and camogie club
in Derry city, and it is a club I am proud to be a part of. Derry city is not
traditionally a strong hold for gaelic games, but in 2004, against all odds,
the first camogie team was set up with small numbers and has grown steadily. As
a defender, I play a crucial role as the last line of defence before the goal.
I feel immense pride when I wear my jersey as it represents the struggles of
the young team and the great successes of the girls who wore it before me. As
an U16 player I captained the team to a championship title, and maintained the
captaincy moving up to the minor age division. It is up to me to motivate and
drive the girls to succeed and dig in until the final whistle blows no matter
what the score line is.

Civil engineering is a perfect match for my
skills and experience, and it represents a challenge which I know I’ll relish. I
have extensive learning based experience in construction methods, materials and
drawing techniques- both manual drafting and CAD. In the future I see myself
taking on many exciting and complex projects. I want to say that I’ve built
lasting team relationships. I want to say that I’m one of the best young civil
engineers on the team. I want to be an example for others who haven’t chosen
the conventional educational route, that they can still achieve their ambitions
of being a civil engineer. I want to make a major contribution to this field
and inspire young females to become part of the vast, diverse and
ever-developing profession. I am absolutely committed to becoming a successful
and professional engineer and will work relentlessly to achieve my goals.