Claude school. One of his distant relativeClaude school. One of his distant relative

Shanon was born in 1916 in a small town Gaylord,
Michigan. His father was a judge and
his mother was principal in local high school. One of his distant relative
Thomas Adison taught Shanon mathematics and electrical engineering. He used to
spend most of his time with radio sests, model planes even building telegraph
systems at friend’s house in college time. In 1936, he became graduate. Then he
went for his masters. In this degree his thesis was Boolean algebra that is
basics for designing computer circuits.

1938, Shanon wrote paper thesis by applying two values binary algebra and
symbolic logic. He showed AND, OR, NOT are simple connectors that are used to
complete electronic circuits.  Shannon got his Ph.D. degree from MIT in 1940.
he left MIT in 1940. Later in 40’s, he spelt out with fundamentals of modern
cryptography and paper called communication theory on secrecy.

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1949, he got marry to Mary Elizabeth Moore. In the same  year, he discovered the basic theory
underline digital communication and storage that is called as information
theory. According to this theory one can save, store, upload data. In 1948
paper, Shanon also provided foundation of data compression. He saw the need and
formulated the theory of which billions of jpg, mpg, mp3 and zip files can be
transmitted daily. Then he moved for boosting efficiency and storage.

the research circles, the 1948 paper published in bell system technical general
made Shanon  star overnight. It
revolutionized the field of communication. He started the binary digit as a
fundamental element in communication. Information could be bound down in
0&1. It can be codded and then decoded on the other end. In 1949, Shanon
branched out information theory and built a specific computer to play chess. He
wrote a paper on programming machine including several strategies for computer chess
algorithms that are still in use.

1956, he left BELL’S lab and returned to MIT. He got engage in an invention. In
1973, twenty fifth anniversary   of  Shanon’s landmark papers the information
security IEEE instituted an annual Shanon’s lecture. He got retired in 1978 but
he always remained in touch with engineering field. Despite of his fundamental
achievement he never got any nobble prize. In 1984, Japan’s government called kyoto prize Shanon
became first to get this prize . He gave his last interview in army magazine in
1987.  In his 80’s his heath went down he
got admitted to nursing home in 1998. On 24 feb,2001 he died with Alzheimer’s disease in the age of
84 by disease.