Cloning happening to people,because they can clone

Cloning is when an organism gets it genetic makeup and codes copied. An example ofthis is twins. They have about the same genetic makeup, that’s why they look the same.People all have opinions and a lot of people think cloning is a good thing. The scientistslead themselves to believe that they can maybe reverse aging in the future, based on what theylearned from cloning. Also, they say they could stop heart attacks from happening to people,because they can clone the patients good heart cells, so there aren’t any bad ones. Another greatreason to enable cloning is that, when someone wants implants, like breast implants or new teeth,scientists can manufacture tissues and bone, that match the exact one that the patients has.Therefore, they can make them more tissue instead of getting unhealthy implants. Moreexamples of why it could really help humanity is, because if an athlete tears their acl or a citizengets in a traumatizing car wreck, then they heal a lot faster because the doctor could clone theircells to help rebuild their acl faster. It could also help the traumatized patient by giving themmore of their original brain cells, to recover faster.There are also those people that don’t think cloning should be allowed, and insteadshould be banned. The reasoning behind this is that people think it can be a way of violatinghuman privacy and rights’. Also, another big factor behind their opinion is that when the scientistdoes clone someone it could lead to depression. The clone would think that since an exact copyof him has already gone through and experienced life that it would have to follow the same pathof it past self, and it would be anything unique. Some people just don’t like the idea of cloningbecause they would rather the government and research facilities to spend the money that wouldbe spent on cloning to be spent on studying cancer and finding a cure. Another reason that peopledislike the idea is that it could be used for bad. Say someone wants to make an army of men.Well if he could clone a whole bunch of strong and smart men then he would have a great armyto take over the world. Or someone could clone people and raise them up to be killers orcriminals.My opinion on human cloning is mixed. I think it would be a great thing to spend timeand money on, because if they did figure out how to clone healthy cells or add tissue tosomeone’s body, then it could save a lot of lives. I also stand on the side of it being bad, becauseI think since so many people already die from cancer every day that we need to figure out a curefor that first before we move on to more technological advances. Overall, I think it isn’t neededto be researched and studied until we figure out cures for diseases and cancers, because it isn’t asimportant. If you ask the whole world if they would rather spend time and money on finding acure for cancer or figure out how to clone a gene, then the majority would pick to find a cure forcancer. Plus, being religious kind of goes against cloning. God wants us to be humble and notquestion his power of making and healing people. It is basically challenging him if we did that.Just think about it. If someone cloned you in the future and they were an exact replica of youthen you wouldn’t have an individual sense of value, because there are two of you. Like if afootball team had the same mascot you wouldn’t have the sense of being unique, different, andbetter than the other teams, because there are two of you.

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