Cloud set of services. Providing services inCloud set of services. Providing services in

Cloud computing is a technology which trends in the market
for coming up future technologies. It has turned to technology to support
business. Cloud computing set of services.  Providing services in Internet by
hosting their services to internet is a new paradigm. Cloud computing, hardware or software need to implement any kind of
infrastructure. This paper is cloud and help customers for payment of benefits, flexibility,
and scalability, without nevertheless, computing Steps virtual platform
providing cloud and You can be taken to prevent security breaches
describes facing security problems in computing. Is essential for
companies to understand the risks associated with the cloud
compute. Security cloud and major problem of computing is facing problems. Data
protection and cloud examining the utilization of cloud by vendors and security
issues. Cloud computing is a detailed analysis of the description,
challenges, and security issues in the following article.


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Cloud Used to represent diagrams and flow charts, Internet
computing more if the symbol was inspired by the cloud. Important components
of 1 of
independence where known virtualization and cloud computing, rapid elasticity,
and resources pooling. Such as in will be used to provide a variety of
characteristics. It is a way to improve business functions, without having
to invest in new infrastructure and investment. We the information technology (IT) of high speed growth in the field area to see the cloud computing a tremendous growth from
the business concept.

A powerful and rapid development of the process of
storing the computer resources are cheaper technology. New trends have
emerged among the company, the cloud in the
field of computing and information technology in recent years have affected a
great deal. Companies offering cloud technologies, Google, Amazon,
Microsoft ( Zheng c.) Is.