Companies markets. Also, using English as aCompanies markets. Also, using English as a

Companies are continuously working towards
incorporating diversity into their workplace, most importantly language
diversity. The encouragement of language diversity is not only enforced inside
the workplace, but also outside. Despite this fact, studies show that language
diversity is negatively correlated in companies and daily life and that English
should only be used.  The purpose of this
paper is to discuss the positive aspects of language diversity and the use of
English as a lingua franca in international business. The paper will also contribute
to the possible solutions for managers and employees in international positions
to communicate more effectively. The paper gathers published research findings
in international business literature to reflect the positive aspects and
recommendations. Results showed that language diversity in international
business leads to employee openness and acceptance, provides resources for
learning, and companies gain accessibility to new markets. Also, using English
as a lingua franca can facilitate communication within a company along with
other recommendations to improve communication effectively. Since there are
more positive aspects that can be related to this research as well as countless
recommendations for effective communication, the theoretical and practical
findings are limitless and continue to be extremely important to further the