Conclusion its energy from natural sources, oneConclusion its energy from natural sources, one



The UK plays and important role
in the energy industry as its one of the top countries in the world and if the
UK takes the step to use all its energy from renewables it will shake the world
and it will give a lesson to other countries in development.

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The UK is in track to accomplish
to obtain all its energy from natural sources, one day in the future the
country will be proud of this achievement. 
The UK is well placed and it takes advantages from this with both onshore and offshore wind farms. It uses wind power to generate electricity and as
discussed on this report it produces sometimes more energy than coal.  Also solar power is being used as one of main
natural source of energy and there are future plans for this energy. 

The question at the end its not
if the UK can obtain all the energy from renewables, the question is, is the
country prepared to switch from cheap ways of obtaining energy to a little bit
more expensive ways. 

The UK has its own targets to
accomplish paced by the UE to reduce its carbon emissions at the moment and to
use more renewable energy.  At the moment
the uncertainty of meeting this targets is placed to debate.  If the UK ca not meet this targets it will
have to buy renewable energy from other countries.  Nevertheless if the UK meet its targets it
will be a closer step to become non-renewable energy dependent.  The UE has made big investments to the
country to help meet their targets.

has played a big role when taking the decisions in respect to the topic. Many
claim that humans are not the ones causing global warming and act accord to
their minds or what they believe.  Money
and stability have also played a big role. 
For example Brexit.  Many of the
investors have stop investing in the country and with it the investments in
renewables energies in the UK. Also


If more
countries not only the U.K. were to invest on renewable electricity the energy
could become cheaper than it is at the moment.  People don’t realise that
this investment is not about money but the future of the planet.


To conclude the country has a
grate global position for wind and solar generation and other sources. Switching
to natural sources of energy it is not something that can happened in a couple
of years as mentioned there are many plans for these technologies.  But politics and humans play a big role in
this decision.  Nature is ready to supply
the energy but it is the people decisions to take it or not to take it.