Connor heard this he stopped dead inConnor heard this he stopped dead in

Connor was suddenly woken up when Angel landed atop of him. She was waking him up to notify him that it was time for breakfast. When he heard that he shot up out of bed. When Angel questioned him about what was wrong, he replied with, “I was supposed to meet dad an hour before breakfast so he could teach me some new fighting tactics, and I overslept.” Angel started giggling at him.Connor said, ” What’s so funny? I made a promise and I broke it, now he’s never going to trust me again.” Through her laughing tears, she said, “That’s tomorrow. Dad told you yesterday that he had some big things to do.”When Connor heard this he stopped dead in his tracks, he then recalled that conversation and felt like an idiot because of the way he was acting. He couldn’t believe that he forgot about it. Once he collected himself, he got dressed in his usual outfit: black breeches, a black pair of jackboots, and a white shirt with a brown, leather vest. Then he went down to breakfast, and to his surprise his favorite breakfast was being served; watermelon mini waffles with watermelon syrup, bacon, and pineapple-cranberry juice. There was also mango version of it which was Angel’s favorite.  When he walked in, everyone was giddy because of what today was. Today was Connor’s 16th birthday, and Angel’s 14th, but he had forgot about it because he had been so caught up in what he was doing, training, learning about history, math, and reading.  When he saw this, he asked, “What’s going on?”Judeigh and Stevenn responded nervously, “Nothing. Can’t we just make you and  your sister’s favorite breakfast every once in awhile without  there being a special reason?”He glared around and said, “I guess not,” Then he got 10 waffles and sat down at his normal spot.After breakfast, Judeigh told Connor and Angel to go get cleaned up and meet everyone else at the front of the castle. So off they went to bathe and get ready for the day. When they went to put their clothes on, they discovered new outfits. Connor had a new pair of brown breeches, black jackboots, an almost ocean turquoise shirt (with silver buttons), and a black leather vest. Angel got a low-high dress that was turquoise the same shade as Connor’s shirt, black knee high boot ( which were decorated with silver buttons ), a diamond necklace that came to her collarbone and matching earrings. Angel also got her nails painted the blue color and were dotted with silver. When they were all dressed and ready to go, they went to the front of the castle.While they were walking Angel asked Connor, ” Why do you think mom wants us to meet everyone out front?”Connor replied, ” Probably because she wants us to address the people of the kingdom, and tell them the latest news from outside the kingdom; both the battle reports, and the latest fashion.”” Do you really think so?” Angel askedConnor just shrugged and kept walking. When they reached the doors, Connor pushed them open and saw everyone standing there. The watchmen that sat atop the castle were dropping feathers and confetti as they were walking out and everyone was cheering for them. At first Connor was confused, then he realized what this day was. It was his and Angel’s birthday.  Then everything started to click into place; the breakfast, everyone acting so suspicious, and the new clothes. Angel had realized this right before Connor pushed open the doors, she was jumping up and down with excitement. There was a carriage waiting for them in front of them. Just before they reached it, their friends jumped out. Selene was the first to reach Angel and she tackled her. Then Naomi came up behind Selene, walking with grace and poise,  and put her in a head lock and said, “Calm down Selene. We don’t want to make a big fuss.”Then as soon as Naomi released Selene, she tackled Angel.Selene said mockingly, ” What happened to, ‘We don’t want to make a big fuss’?”While the girls were messing around, Tyche stepped out. Connor asked to come over to the grass. Tyche knew what that meant; they were going to do their handshake.