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ContentAgriculture entrepreneurship can define as two. First, the Managerial skill is needed to start and run a profitable farm business and second is ‘entrepreneurial spirit’. Managerial skills can be taught, but an entrepreneurial spirit cannot. Many farmers are already excellent managers and many also have some of the spirit of an entrepreneur. As ‘price takers’ many farmers have developed outstanding abilities to make the most of their resources but suggests that these farmers are not innovative, do not takes risks, and lack the drive that is usually associated with an entrepreneurial spirit. The purpose of this guide is to provide a better understanding of the concept and practice of entrepreneurship. With this understanding it is hoped that extension workers will be better able to help farmers develop the skills and spirit of an entrepreneur.    Entrepreneurship is one of the main factor for the survival of small scale farming in an ever-changing and increasingly complex global economy. When talking about agriculture and farming, entrepreneurship can be the term of value of chain and market linkage that are used usually. The future of small-scale farmers will be little if they did not run their farm with more entrepreneurial. Hence, they need to increase their produce for markets and for profits, is may be a challenge for small-scale farmers to become more entrepreneurial but they also can get help form extension worker and other institutions. As an entrepreneur that is who that produces for the market. Entrepreneur is a determined and creative leader, always looking for opportunities to improve and expand his business. They need responsibility to calculated the risks for profits and losses. Furthermore, they need passionate about the growing of business, always find for new opportunities and also be innovators. It will help the entrepreneur for better and more efficient and profitable ways to do things. Being innovative is an important quality for a farmer-entrepreneur, especially when the business faces strong competition or operates in a rapidly changing environment.   Farmer-entrepreneurs see their farms as a business. The farms as a means of earning profits. Small-scale farmers can also become entrepreneurs, they have shown a remarkable ability to adapt. They look for better ways to organise their farms like example, they have try new crops and cultivars, better animals, and alternative technologies to increase productivity, diversify production, reduce risk and increase profits. They have become more market oriented and have learned to take calculated risks to open or create new markets for their products. Many small-scale farmers have many of the qualities of an entrepreneur.    However, they need to be innovative and forward-looking to manage their businesses as long-term ventures with a view to making them sustainable. They need to be able to identify opportunities and seize them. Some small-scale farmers do have these qualities, but they still focus on maintaining their traditional way of life. Their production decisions are based on what they need not on what is possible. The farmer-entrepreneur need to have a clear plan in his mind of what is possible and the future he wants. They also known what is possible is determined by the market. The farmer-entrepreneur is always looking for new opportunities and knows that new opportunities are found in the market to make profits. An entrepreneurial farmer has the initiative, drive, capacity and ability to take advantage of opportunities.Smallholder farmers usually farm for one of four reasons: • Exclusively for home consumption with rarely any surpluses produced; • Mostly for home consumption, but with the intention of selling surpluses on the market;• Partly for the market and partly for home consumption; or • Exclusively for the market.Farmer-entrepreneurs operate in a complex and dynamic environment. They are part of a larger collection of people including other farmers, suppliers, traders, transporters, processors and many others. Each of these has a role to play in producing products and moving them through to the market and value chain. They also need to respect each other and work together to make the whole system work better and be more profitable. Being an entrepreneur is a way of life and a way of looking at the world to enjoy independence and freedom. They decide for themselves what to do, they also need to face risks and to cope with the risks they will face in the complex world in which they compete, they need to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Working under pressure and immediately accountable for the outcomes good or bad of their decisions. While farmer-entrepreneurs are free and independent, they do not work alone. They operate in a complex and dynamic environment. A farmer with an entrepreneurial spirit energetically, enthusiastically and carefully makes many different decisions about his farm in the context of the value chain that influences the profits of the farm business. This is all happening in a dynamic, ever-changing and uncertain setting.