Creativity talents in both individuals and organizations.Creativity talents in both individuals and organizations.

Creativity is the most important trait for humankind. The modern human society came into existence solely due to creativity of humans. People found new, unique and creative ways to use objects as tools and exploit natural resources. This creativity led to various inventions and technological advancements, leading to the modern society. As a result, creativity is one of the most valued talents in both individuals and organizations.

The modern business world is extremely competitive due to the impact of globalization. Regular business practices are not sufficient to survive and compete in such an environment. Businesses need to be unique and creative in their offerings if they want to continue to exist and prosper. However, organizations are made up of individuals and individuals need to be creative for an organization to be creative. According to the textbook, there are several views on the sources of creativity. One such view is the trait approach which states that certain innate traits and characteristics that predispose people towards creativity (Characteristcs of Creative People, 2015). I think this approach is quite true and people need to possess certain qualities to be creative. Furthermore, scholars have put in significant effort and resources to develop understanding of creativity and innovation. According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, research studies have provided several insights into creativity and innovation (Schwarz, 2015).

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·      Clear and common understanding of objectives promotes creativity and innovation.

·      Creating and fostering goal interdependence among organizational members fuels creativity in individuals.

·      Organizations tend to be more creative when managers encourage and reward individual creativity.

·      A shared desire for excellence and cohesiveness compels employees to be creative.

·      Strong internal and external communication allow free flow of information and knowledge which promotes creativity.

A major example of a creative and innovative organization is Apple Inc. Apple has created numerous creative and innovative products including iPod and iPhone. Both products revolutionized their respective industries firmly plant Apple Inc. in a leading position. So how does Apple Inc. achieve this consistent creativity and innovation? Apple Inc.’s CEO, Tim Cook, revealed the company’s secret for creativity in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. Tim Cook states that Apple Inc. believes that creativity is not a process unlike what most believe. Instead it is the result of employees caring enough to keep thinking until they find the best and easiest way to do something (Madrigal, 2012). However, being creative does not always pays off; some products are successful while others are not. Therefore, there is always the risk that the creativity might not pay off. However, this risk should hold companies back and let them become stagnant and complacent.

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