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To battle obesity, counteractive action needs to begin in early life, individuals
need to settle on solid nourishment decisions, and exercise needs to be a part
of all individual lifestyles.


Ward-Smith, P. (2010). Obesity – america’s health crisis. Urologic
Nursing, 30(4), 242-5. Retrieved from


            This article gives the reader
insight on how to treat a person who is obese, it also shows the reader some
side effects of this disease. The article goes into depth on the discrimination
against people that are overweight. Obesity has been related with a 36%
expansion in medicinal services spending, and treating the hefty patient can be
therapeutically testing. This article gives a diagram of treating patients who
are obese or overweight, and how urologic caretakers can teach their patients
on treatment choices.

            This article will help me to explain
the benefits of exercising for an obese person. It will also help me to show
the effects that obesity has on a persons’ body. 


Ash, Tayla, et al. “Family-Based Childhood Obesity
Prevention Interventions: A Systematic Review and Quantitative Content
Analysis.” International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition &
Physical Activity, vol. 14, no. 1, 24 Aug. 2017, pp. 1-12. EBSCOhost,


            This article is about the rising of
childhood obesity. It goes into detail about how the parents have effects on
the children. The media plays a big role in it also. Given guardians impact and
control over youngsters’ vitality adjust practices, including diet, physical
action, media utilize, and rest, family intercessions are a key methodology in
this exertion. The article shows how the statistics increased overtime. 

            This article helps prove that
children need their parents’ influence to help combat obesity. This will help
me to provide useful information in ways parents can help their children become

Meyer, David. “Here’s Why America’s Obesity Epidemic Is
Just Getting Worse.” Fortune, Time Inc., 13 Oct. 2017,


            The number of obese individuals has
been on a constant rise. Having a BMI over 30 puts a person at risk of being
diagnosed as obese. Over half of the American population is obese and more
children are at risk of becoming obese. Being obese as a child can cause an
increased rate that a person can expire in adulthood. The differences in the
price of food make it easier for people to eat unhealthily. Junk food is
cheaper than nutritional, healthy food.

            This article will help me with the
background section of my paper, I will explain the effects of obesity with this


Mercola, Jospeh. “What Happens to Your Body When You Eat
Junk Food?”, Dr. Mercola, 29 Apr. 2015,


food can cause changes to your metabolism. Muscles break up glucose and stores
it to be used again. When a person eats junk food the muscles lose this
ability. Losing this ability can lead to many diseases. Research done by the
Journal of American College of Cardiology shows that eating one very unhealthy meal
can cause changes in your health. Most processed foods break down quickly,
which causes increases insulin. This contributes to insulin resistance, the
main cause for most chronic diseases.


reading this article, I have acquired information that will let the reader see
the effects of having an unhealthy diet. This article gives me key facts about
what happens inside of the body when it contains junk food.

Melissa L. Martinson, Sarinnapha M. Vasunilashorn; The
long-arm of adolescent weight status on later life depressive symptoms, Age
and Ageing, Volume 45, Issue 3, 1 May 2016, Pages 389–395,


 With the increase of childhood obesity around
the world, more people wanted to know if it would have effects into adulthood. Not
much is known about the psychological risks of childhood obesity. Data from
Wisconsin Longitudinal Study is used to distinguish the relationship between
childhood obesity and depressive symptoms at 65. The women who were overweight
as a child had more of a risk to become depressed. There was not any connection
to adolescent weight into adulthood for men.

this article, I can show long term effects of becoming obese. This article is
credible and will help acknowledge that obesity is more serious than Americans
are taking it.


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