CULTURAL My interviewee has a brother who


For my interview I chose my friend who is a woman of Hispanic
decent and is 34 years old. This interview opened my eyes and brought more knowledge
to this culture. Hispanics would like to be considered as Latinos not as
Mexicans as many do not come from the country of Mexico. This culture always presents
a male as the dominant in the household and all decisions that affect the
family go through the him. The male can either be a father or a son, if father
is not present then the son will leave school to provide and assist the mother
at the house in the absence of the father. Many Hispanics usually marry young
and start to raise a family. The average number of members within the family is
7 including the mother and father. The mother is usually the caregiver and
stays home to look after the children. The oldest daughter steps in to aid the
mother and grandparents are significant and generally referred to as second
parents. Their cousins our generally an extension the family and treated as
siblings and children. My interviewee has a brother who she is very fond of and
looks up to. If her brother asks her to do something even at age 34 she makes
sure to follow his requests. Her parents are divorced, but dad still plays role
in their lives. Although, her parents are divorced they still behave cordial
for family sake.

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The Hispanic families to be outgoing
and enjoy big family get togethers. Usually, their gatherings bring in friends,
family and extended members. Hispanics just us, tend to drink in many social
situations. My interviewee felt that her family was like other families within
the Hispanic culture. Their family and friends get together as often as
possible. They spend time gathering for events such as a party for the deceased
not to morn but to happy for their passing to the other side. Christmas just as
in our culture they will gather and travel to all relatives houses for gift
exchanging. The interviewee stated, “Many traditions tend to change or mix with
others depending on the spouses’ family traditions.” English and Spanish are
present in their home but with Spanish carrying the most usage. Many of her
elders family members only speak Spanish which carries true for most Hispanic
families. You tend to find that many young kids do not speak Spanish as
fluently as their parents. Her mother tried to convince her to learn her
culture and speaking Spanish would be a valuable extension of their heritage.
The Hispanic culture unlike many cultures put girls at the for front to present
them as women to the world. The girls will attend with an escort and wear
formal type dresses. Quinceaneras are an older tradition and most girls do not
want to partake in. The boys do not have a celebration as they at a young age
are expected to have value and input in decision.

The Hispanic view of interracial
dating is different amongst the households. The Hispanic culture frown upon
interracial dating just as many cultures do. These values are slowly trending
away because many young Hispanics do not need these traditions any longer. My
interviewee stated, “Her family supported her decision to date African American
men but were slow to come around to the situation. Her brother was ok with the
situation as long as, he respected here families position. The majority of her family
was really only concerned with her happiness and well- being, thus making it
okay to look and helped to them to see past race.

This culture believes in working for
a living. Hispanics are hard workers and will do whatever it takes to supply
their family needs. My interviewee stated that her father has been working at
the same company for long as she can remember. Hispanics have longitivity
within their career and the common field for these workers is construction
workers. Hispanic men are known to do jobs that involve manual labor, such as
cutting lawns, automobile mechanic, or laying tile.

Education is very important to the
Hispanic culture even though many do not go on to complete higher education. The
younger generation sometime have an “I don’t care “mind frame and don’t put
forth the effort into their education. They either devote their time to going
to school or working to provide for the family. My interviewee attended college,
but she was unable to complete this task because she needed to get a job to
help support her child.

The predominant religion within the
Hispanic culture is Roman Catholic. Within this religion they must confess seek
advice from a priest and confess their sins to him. They attend church on
Sunday’s as well as other times throughout the week. During their church
services, food is served before and after the service. Religion is very
important to her family even though she does not attend consistently.

She felt that within her culture it
is important to be successful and be respectful. To some degree this
expectation is followed because many own their own businesses and are very
close-knit and have respect for each other because of their race. She was most
proud of the fact that they stuck together. She would like to change would be
the involvement in gangs and violent behavior and the stereotypes associated
with them. She stated Hispanics men were viewed as having bandanas wrapped
around their head, constantly calling each other “ese” and all involved in
gangs. She stated that the women seen as always pregnant with many kids and one
on the way. My interviewee felt that the greatest challenge ahead of her
culture was gaining higher education. She felt that her culture should go to
school and get that Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees.

conducting this interview I felt very comfortable because the person was a
coworker and I had interacted with the Hispanic cultures many time before. Many
of the things that were disclosed were not unfamiliar to me because I have
associated with this race on a variety of levels. This interview opened my eyes
further to this culture and race. While interviewing my coworker I realize that
her culture in many ways was so close to mine. I plan to use my knowledge and
ethical conduct where as not to create any biases.Top of Form


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