Custo(er 2erson to 2erson and 2roductFser:iceto 2roductFser:ice0Custo(er 2erson to 2erson and 2roductFser:iceto 2roductFser:ice0

Custo(er satis*action is a ter( *re)uently used in(ar/eting0 It is a (easure o* ho+ 2roducts and ser:ices su22lied by a co(2any (eet or sur2asscusto(er  e?2ectation0Custo(er satis*action is de*ined as Bthe nu(ber o* custo(ers, or 2ercentage o* totalcusto(ers, +hose re2orted e?2erience +ith a *ir(, its 2roducts, or its ser:ices -ratings.e?ceeds s2eci*iedsatis*action goals0B In a co(2etiti:e (ar/et2lace +here businesses co(2ete *or custo(ers, custo(er satis*action is seen as a /ey di**erentiator and increasingly has beco(e a /ey ele(ent o*  business strategy0B”ithin organi?ations, custo(er satis*action ratings can ha:e 2o+er*ul e**ects0 They*ocus e(2loyees on the i(2ortance o* *ul*illing custo(ers? e?2ectations0 !urther(ore, +henthese ratings di2, they +arn o* 2roble(s that can a**ect sales and 2ro*itability0000 These(etrics )uanti*y an i(2ortant dyna(ic0 “hen a brand has loyal custo(ers, it gains 2ositi:e+ord=o*=(outh (ar/eting, +hich is both *ree and highly e**ecti:e0BThere*ore, it is essential *or businesses to e**ecti:ely (anage custo(er satis*action0To be able do this, *ir(s need reliable and re2resentati:e (easures o* satis*action0BIn researching satis*action, *ir(s generally as/ custo(ers +hether their 2roduct or ser:ice has (et or e?ceeded e?2ectations0 Thus, e?2ectations are a /ey *actor behindsatis*action0 “hen custo(ers ha:e high e?2ectations and the reality *alls short, they +ill bedisa22ointed and +ill li/ely rate their e?2erience as less than satis*ying0 !or this reason, alu?ury resort, *or e?a(2le, (ight recei:e a lo+er satis*action rating than a budget (otel? e:en though its *acilities and ser:ice +ould be dee(ed su2erior in ?absolute? ter(s0BCusto(er satis*action is an a(biguous and abstract conce2t and the actual(ani*estation o* the state o* satis*action +ill :ary *ro( 2erson to 2erson and 2roductFser:iceto 2roductFser:ice0 The state o* satis*action de2ends on a nu(ber o* both 2sychological and 2hysical :ariables +hich correlate +ith satis*action beha:iors such as return and reco((endrate0 The le:el o* satis*action can also :ary de2ending on other o2tions the custo(er (ay<