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Travel today is driven by personalised preferences. A traveler profile is one of the vital components ensuring high quality services to your travelers. Having access to up-to-date traveler profiles ensures better quality customer servicing and helps to optimise agency productivity.
Our comprehensive profile solution gives you and your travelers a portable, consistent and relevant experience. Data remains secured and encrypted at all times giving the agency and traveler peace of mind that no personal details are being shared with third parties.  Data is used across all our reservation systems (Agent Platform and TravelApp), for Hotel, Airline or Rental car bookings, giving consistency across all reservations. 

• Consolidating traveler profiles in a managed information platform that is always up-to-date.
• Controlled access to ensure data integrity and security which therefore supports privacy and PCI compliance.
• Gives travelers and travel bookers ownership of their profiles to book travel that best match their location and preferences – all within their Travel Policy.
• Gives travelers / travel bookers access to update their own profiles via the TravelApp
• Agent ability to view and manage profiles on their traveler’s behalf via the Agent Platform
• Ensuring consistent, accurate profile data is reflected on the Agent Platform and TravelApp, via the booking process and captured in the reporting elements.
• Profiles are accessible for all direct channel bookings i.e Totalstay (Hotel Reservation)

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Our uniquely designed platform for both the Agent and the Customer (TravelApp) allows you to:

• Quickly and easily book and confirm flights, accommodation, rental cars, trains, cruises, activities and tours
• Create and update traveler profiles
• Access to lower fares and increased use of preferred suppliers and negotiated rates
• Direct access to certain air and land suppliers ensuring best price offering to customer
• Preload your customers organisation’s travel polices and approval process to ensure all travel booked and confirmed has been pre-approved by the organisations nominated travel approvers
• Build your approval process into the Agent Platform to give travel approvers the ability to approve or decline travel quickly and easily with full visibility into total cost of trip requested.
• Traveler can access his / her travel itineraries, travel confirmation and land vouchers at any time
• The Agent Platform can easily match the look and feel of your agency or government agency’s intranet, incorporating logos, custom colors, online tutorials, travel links, trip templates and announcements to the Travel App.


Having the ability to access data for analyzing trends, travel behavior, customer and organization expenditure while tracking cost savings and missed savings is vital to ensure the customer and the organization can effectively manage their travel program.

Our reporting solution gathers and stores reservation and expenditure data giving a better visibility of the key areas of your customers and organisations holistic spend on business travel as well as the ability for individual or departmental reports and much more. 

All vouchers and invoices are accessible by the customer at anytime via the TravelApp.

A customers Travel Policy can be loaded into the Agent Platform to help maintain control of your customers travel within the organisation. You can preference certain airlines and suppliers and load preferred rates and / or corporate deals.
Agents have the ability to pre-define a Travel Policy to a specific set of instructions i.e. restrict travel to certain high risk countries.

Our comprehensive Duty of Care initiative includes customer location reports and the ability to track down and contact your travelers anywhere in the world. This allows the Agent to provide their customers with a more robust afterhours travel approach.
If an emergency every arises you can be confident that you will have the ability to keep your travelers informed, safe and connected – and minimize the impact on your business whilst maximising your ability to service to your customers.

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