Cyber-Crime do not want to act onCyber-Crime do not want to act on

Cyber-Crime online trade

The Black markets are markets that traffic in illegal goods
and services. The market itself is hidden from the public’s eye due to the
state of goods being traded. The black market is one where the buying and
selling of illegal goods and services. The market has become a highly organized
market where the legal taxations rules and sense
of trade are not cohered to. The black
market is known by several names: black economy, underground market, shadow
economy, the underdog, and parallel. Some
of the main things they focus on that are being sold around the world are
weapons and illegal drugs, which can also be stolen or otherwise legal goods
sold illicitly to avoid tax payments or licensing requirements (Black Market,

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Sometimes participants in the black market do not want to
act on the illegal stance of selling goods, however; they do it because they
lack the ability to work legally and may need moneyLSB1 .

Cyber fraud

With the growth of online services and internet use, there have
been many opportunities for criminals to commit illegal scams and fraud. These
issues are dishonest schemes that seek to take advantage of unsuspecting people
to gain a benefit such as money, or personal details. These are often contained
in spam and phishing messages. Due to the increase
in cyber fraud, the term has grown to cover a wide range of criminal
activity. Cyber fraud is any crime that has been committed within the use of a
computer. This can lead to multiple things, such as identity theft, stolen account information, stolen insurance
information, and hacking. For example, a
couple was looking for a home healthcare worker to help them with their son who
had physical disabilities. However, one of them was an experienced fraud
investigator, did the research and hired a man name Simon through a supposedly
reputable service. Despite his best efforts, the couple opened the door to an
“identity predator (Langione, Southwood, Holtfreter, & Ehlen, 2002).”
In that case, it shows you that even
though you do the research on that particular person you can still make the
wrong the decision.

When opening an email do you usually see a word that says
spam? Spam is done by flooding someone’s Internet with multiple copies of the
same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not
otherwise choose to receive it (McCusker, Australian Institute, 2005). Most
spammed emails are commercial advertising, often for unsure products, get-rich-quick
schemes, or seemly unlawful services like phishing (Binational Working Group
2006). Some spammed emails cost the
sender very little to send and most of them will
be paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender. Most of
the sender’s target users with direct mail messages (McCusker, Australian
Institute, 2005). So to make sure that you do not respond to the emails that
show particular harm, they have set up
multiple email security sites so that when you receive an email it goes into a
separate folder than your important emails.

Criminal Response

The criminal justice system response to cybercrime is that the law enforcement officers had little to no training
when it came to cybercrime cases (CyberCrime, 29). So with them having
the lack of experience, they came up with
a new field called digital forensics, which has its roots in data recovery
methods. Digital forensics has formed a
field of complex, controlled procedures that allows for near real-time analysis
that could lead to accurate feedback (CyberCrime, 29). Such analysis has
allowed the individuals in the criminal justice field to track the changes
within the justice system and how to address the issues that are relevant to
the crime (Police Executive Form, 2013). Another method that criminal justice field
use to fight against cybercrime is
through education of the public. This includes publishing important tips for
reducing victimization. For instance, the National White Collar Crime Center’s suggested
several ways that various forms of cybercrime may be reduced (National White
Collar Crime, 2007). For example, cyberstalking may be reduced by following
these steps: Use a gender-neutral username
and email address and do not give out your credit card account numbers to a
website you know is too good to be true.


Even though not all people are victims of cybercrime, they are still at risk. There
will always be new and unexpected challenges when trying to stay ahead of cybercriminals and cyber terrorist. To me, I feel like we can assess the situation to an extent if both the individual
and government officials are willing to
come together and produce a better sense of safety.
Within this paper, the researcher has explained what crimes can be committed
via the internet and the importance of the growing technology that has helped
solve multiple cybercrimes in the deep web. There is much we can do to
ensure a safe, secure and trustworthy computing environment.

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