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Dear Editor:On April 3, 2014, edition of the Psychology Today, you published an article titled “Is Facebook Destroying Friendship?” You said in the opening of this article “Using a friend as a verb is a recent phenomenon, thanks to Facebook.” You stated in this article that people on Facebook like to have a large number of friends with simple click taking only seconds. This makes them feel good, even if they do not know most of them in real life. You said, many of Facebook friends are not true friends and will not help you when you need anything in the real life. You said if anyone needs help from the Facebook friend, will not find a real friend to lean on his/her shoulder and find a solution to the problem.In 1993 Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at the Unversity College of London. Proceed research on a group so that each person knows the other one in the group and reached the limit of almost 150 people in the group. Including surrounding employer, workers, classmates, and neighbors, so this amount of people can maintain a good relationship between them. You as a reporter almost agreed with Professor Dunbar. That our brains are not large enough to save the information of a lot of friends. Also, maintain relations with a large number and we are struggling to keep up with hundreds and even thousands of friends and sacrificing time to maintain the relationship. I disagree with this point because the number of friends does not mean that you will be less able to manage all the friends and communicate with them continuously.¬†Facebook will not destroy the friendship because it also has benefits even if it has negatives in couple things to the people. Facebook has a lot of good things to people in the current generation. The important one is that people find childhood friends and also relatives. Who has not seen them in a long time and do not know anything about their lives. Facebook has given people the opportunity to discover and do a lot of good things. You said, “When you reflect on your hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook, how many of those would take you to the airport to catch a 6:00 AM flight on a Wednesday? If you lost your job, how many of those friends would you actually pick up the phone to call and not just inform with a Facebook status update?” I disagree with this statement. When you have a good friend if it was in real life or in social media. A good friend will be there for you and help you anyways. I have that kind of friends, I met some good people on Facebook and after a while, we become best friends. Now, after eight years, our friendship still and year by year it is stronger. Now, they are the closest people to my heart and they are like one of my family.¬†You went to the state “As we struggle to keep up with our hundreds and sometimes thousands of “friends” on Facebook, are we sacrificing time that could otherwise be invested in being a real friend?” Sometimes we sacrifice time in real life with people whom we count them as real friends. We sacrifice the time we supposed to spend in other important things or with other people. At the end, we will be surprised and shocked when we face a bad situation and need help we do not see those people that we call them best friends. Sometimes we see the strangers give us their hands to help more than our friends. Towards the end of the article, you said, “Having lots of friends and dozens of “likes” on your Facebook status can be a feel-good confidence boost. But when things get tough, status likes and virtual comments won’t replace a real shoulder to lean on.” There are friends on Facebook or any social media website who you receive help and support morally from them more than people around you in real life.You wrote about a Facebook and in your opinion, Facebook destroys the friendships. Through Facebook, many people make a strong relationship. They met and spend a good time with people in real life. There are relationships much stronger than the one in the real life and continued for many years because of maintaining it. Everything in this life has negative and positive effects, As well as the Facebook site in the social media. Therefore, it is up to the person and how it should use everything in life. Facebook, in general, has effects but as long as a user thinks about how they are using it. Facebook also contains a lot of good stuff. It has become so much a part of people’s lives. Facebook has become an easy way to communicate and stay connected with friends and family.

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