Definition Print that can be found around


A process created by Piaget in which students with
disabilities are allowed deeper access to content through alterations of
equipment or environment.

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Reading for pleasure.

A way of measuring students’ growth to plan for the
future, provide feedback, and modify instruction if needed to improve the
student’s education.

Relating the ideas and topics to real-world problems
through reading and writing.

The student is reading books that are at grade-level.

Reading that requires thinking about the text deeper, such
as predicting, inferring, and revising.

The strategies children use as they read to help them
sound out words.

A variety of language depending on the student’s culture
or social class.

Diversifying your instruction based on the needs of your

The teacher reads as the students echo the teacher.

Students read to locate information.

Drawing boxes on word to signify the different sounds in
the word.

Print that can be found around the community.

Home-school partnerships to enhance child’s interacy

Reading smoothly, quickly, and uses expression.

A level of reading that is too difficult for a child to
reading fluently. The students earns a 90% or less when reading aloud.

Choosing just the right books. The reading level is not
too hard or too easy.

Diagrams that can give students a visual of the
information they are reading.

When students read in a small group with teacher
instruction or assistance when needed.

The reading level that students can read independently and
earn a 95-100% accuracy.

Readers draw inferences from context clues, implied
information, and background knowledge when reading a text.

The student can read with teacher assistance at a 90-94%
accuracy rate.

Individualized instruction for students who may be
struggling to further their progess in reading.

The spelling system.

The abilitiy to sound out words orally.

The structural system of grammar.

Students verbalize their thoughts to describe the
strategies he or she is using to read the text.

An alphebatized list of words on the wall which will help
to advance students’ vocabulary.

Students select the topic to write about on their own.
They strive to successfully complete all of the writing tasks.

The ability that a student has to complete a task with the
assitance of the teacher.

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