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Demographic changes such as the aging population, an increase in female workers and a decline in home meal preparation mean that UK retailers are also focusing on added-value products and services. In addition, the focus is now towards; the own-label share of the business mix, the supply chain and other operational improvements, which can drive costs out of the business.   Aldi business Understands  the demographics of your target customers is critical for the success their  business. Not only they  need to understand them in order to decide exactly what your product and services mixes will include, but this information will also affect pricing, packaging, promotion and place.Let’s talk about just one of these factors to see how demographics affects your choices. In order to properly evaluate a community or neighborhood for the best location for your business, you must know the demographic profile of your potential customers. Urbanisation means an increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas compared to rural areas. An urban area is a built-up area such as a town or city. A rural area is an area of countryside.As a country industrialises, the number of people living in urban areas tends to increase. The UK and many other urbanised during the 18th and 19th centuries. People migrated from rural areas (due to the mechanisation in farming) to urban areas where there was new employment in the new factories. The area of cities known as the inner city developed during this time as rows of terraced housing were built for workers.. National retailers are increasingly reticent to take on new suppliers.Urbanization affects Aldi  business, especially when they  see some of its most beneficial effects. Aldi can often take advantage of their  trend even better than established competitors if they are nimble enough to cater to the fluctuating tastes of these new classes of people.  Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. The reasons for  migration can be economic, social, political or environmental. There are usually push factors and pull factors at work.Migration impacts on both the place left behind, and on the place where migrants  settle.Aldi  economic effects of migration is Sending countries their business may experience both gains and losses in the short term but may stand to gain over the longer term. For receiving countries temporary worker programs help to address skills shortages but may decrease domestic wages and add to public welfare burden.  The economic effects of migration for both Aldi  sending and receiving from countries may also vary depending on who is moving, specifically with respect to migrant workers’ skill levels. Consumer trends are the the habits and behaviours currently prevalent among consumers of goods and services. Consumer trends track more than simply what people buy and how much they spend. Data collected on trends may also include information such as how consumers use a product and how they communicate about a brand with their social network. For example in Aldi during halloween they put out halloween masks, costumes and sweets. These are what customers expect to see during halloween . And by doing this would attract customers to come to there store to by halloween things for halloween.Lifestyle in Aldi business