“Deo advantage of knowing what happens before“Deo advantage of knowing what happens before

“Deo vindice!” I shout hesitantly in unison with my squadron as my commanding officer shouts at us to take aim. “Like hell I’ll willfully surrender to them blue-bellied yankees!” I loudly declare to my brothers in arms, trying to convince myself it is so. I can actually see that Arkansas toothpick at the end of my rifle shaking intensely as my trigger finger hesitates to open fire. Obviously, I never really agreed with the Confederate mindset, and even if the Union Soldiers are a bunch of ones and zeroes, I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger, so I shout: “Stop lesson!”. A big, blue menu occupying almost all of the screen asking me if I’m sure I want to quit pops up. I reactively shout “Yes!”, and I can hear the hissing produced by my VR chamber opening up. As my eyes readjusted to the light, I heard a familiar silhouette utter to me:”What’s wrong, James? Died from trench foot again?”. We shared a laugh, although mine was more filled with embarrassment than his was. This man had grey short hair, a wool sweater and the most sarcastic smirk I have ever seen. It was my history professor, Winston alright.”No, it just so happens that I can’t— no, I don’t feel— like I can actually end the war. Especially from the wrong side of history.” My stuttering, although natural, was not inconceivable, I had the combined pressure of my degree depending on this simulation and the fact that once you are in the sim, it all feels so real, almost as if real people really depended on me stopping the war.”You will though, you were always my best student. You have the advantage of knowing what happens before it actually does.””You know, I now think I regret not choosing Psychology as my degree. I hear their final simulation is asking a bunch of people what they see in some ink blots.””A brainless task, I assume. Nevertheless, you are stuck with me and your history e-books.”I groaned in an attempt to relieve some stress, but he continued:”I really don’t understand, in your midterm you successfully managed to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis.””Yes, but I was playing as President Kennedy, not a nameless Corn-federate Soldier.””Alright, you win. Go home, think about your strategy. You pull this off and you graduate with honors.”As our conversation abruptly ended I headed home. I plugged in my wireless earbuds and walked towards my condo. Every time I walk home I keep thinking about the many kinds of people I see on my commute. I’ve read on my e-books about West Virginia in the near past. According to “U. States of A.: The Encyclopedia about the S in U.S.A”, West Virginia was at one point the least diverse state in the whole country. Now, every day I see African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics and White people en masse. I believe VR learning has made education so cheap,