Developmental The child’s ability to learn howDevelopmental The child’s ability to learn how

stages of life


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 To describe the psychosocial changes in
different developmental stages of life.


1- Infancy
(from birth to 1 years)

Trust v/s mistrust

The baby
learns to trust the ones who takes care for their basic requirements and depended
upon them for their needs. Especially, parents who takes good care for their

toddlerhood (1-2 years)

 autonomy v/s shame and

The child is
being taught the basic needs to take care of themselves otherwise they may feel
shameful when other children of his same age are able to take care of their

pre-schooler (3-5 years)

 initiative v/s guilt

The child
learns new tasks in school and they feel that they can complete these tasks in
their real life. If they failed to do so, they may feel guilty.

elementary school (6 years – puberty)

 competence v/s

The child’s
ability to learn how things work, to understand and organize and become competitive
at this stage. If they fail to perform a task, the feel a sense of inferiority.

adolescence (13-21 years)

identity v/s role confusion

Young people
see oneself as a unique and integrated person. They develop their sexual
identity at this stage. The may feel confused whether the task they are doing
at this age are in appropriate for them.

6- young
adulthood (21-39 years)

intimacy v/s isolation

Young adults
develop an ability to make commitments to others, to love and to find a life
partner. They fear that if they fail to find someone, they must live alone for
rest of their lives.

7- middle
adulthood (40-65 years)

generativity v/s stagnation

Adults are more
concerned about their family and thinks they should do something good for the
society. If they fail to do so, they may feel they have been a useless person
in the society.

adulthood (65 and older)

integrity v/s despair

The people
may feel a sense of fulfilment if they have done something good for the society
in their earlier years and lived their life to the fullest. If they fail in
that, they may feel desperate.


Conclusion: –

developmental stages depend upon different people. It is important that they
have achieve all the developmental stages to make the life complete.

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