Did been around for ages. Cyber bullyingDid been around for ages. Cyber bullying

    Did you know 1 in 6 people know there child has been bullied via a social networking site. Cyber bullying is the art of bullying through social media. It can occur through your teenage years or your childhood. Bullying is nothing new it’s been around for ages. Cyber bullying has turned social media outlets into a hotbed of abusive communications between people.  Cyber bullying is really deadly even in some cases some people committed suicide due to cyberbullying. Cyber bullying is a serious topic and schools should bring attention to it they should have groups at school to prevent this, and schools need to have a counseling centers for being bullied, also they need to have a place for the offenders where they say why did they do it and get punished for it         Schools need to have a prevention group for kids that have been bullied. Schools need to have a prevention group because in article A they state that cyberbullying has led to suicides of many kids but if schools have a prevention group like a little get together of all the students were they discuss how they feel about cyber bullying and if they are being targeted for bullying or if there getting bullied right now. To ensure that bullying prevention efforts are successful, all school staff need to be trained on what bullying is, what the school’s policies and rules are, and how to enforce the rules. Training may take many forms, staff meetings, one-day training sessions, and teaching through modeling preferred behavior. Schools may choose any combination of these training options based on available funding, staff resources, and time.        They need to have a counseling center to help victims who have gone through cyber bullying. They need to have a counseling center to help victims. According to source A ”Bullying in general could be a traumatic experience and that’s why kids who have been bullied fall into a depression”and if there is group to help with traumatic experiences something like a PTSD thing where you sit with other people and discuss situations. Cyber bullying can be dramatic and bad experience when continuing with your life. Therapy can help victims of bullying notice, share, and process painful feelings, which left unattended can negatively impact one’s personal well-being.     What  the opposition might say is bullying builds character and it is needed. I would say that is true but with bullying it might escalate to the kid actually doing self harm and your not trying to do that. Your not trying to kill a person your trying to save lives and make everyone succeeds and be good but