Did German Shepherd can be playful sometimesDid German Shepherd can be playful sometimes

Did you know that a German shepherd is a breed of a large working dog that originate  in germany.Also a another  cool fact is that German Shepherd are smart and understatement and German shepherd are soft ,large black or tan and some Male weight is up to 66 to 88 lbs  But female weight up to 49 to 71 lbs.Also when I was researching it says that male height is about 24 and 26 inches and Female height is about 22 and 24 inches.Another wonderful fact is that Female German Shepherd are more sensitive than a male German Shepherd.Also German shepherds are bold, confident, and fearless. They are extremely intelligent and quick to learn commands, thus making them a favorite police dog breed. German Shepherd Dogs are among the most popular breeds in the world, consistently in the top five AKC breed rankings for most years these records have been kept.German shepherd are very dangerous dogs If you don’t  teach them or trained them how to be smart and don’t hurt or attack people. Also German Shepherd can be playful sometimes when you want them to.Also some more facts are they German shepherd are very   Loyal,Intelligent, CourageouS Obedient and sometimes watchful.Did you know that German Shepherds are naturally protective of their family and territory and bond closely to their family. They are extremely loyal, hence the decision to adopt a GSD should not be made on impulse.Did you know that male and female German Shepherd are alike because they are soft ,large,black or they might be Tan but male German Shepherd are smart .Also  they are  the largest breed of working dogs.Female German Shepherd weigh up to 49 to 71 Ib and more sensitive  than a male German Shepherd.Also Female German Shepherd are called a German shedder often.German Shepherds are moderately active dogs and are described in breed standards as self-assured.The breed is marked by a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. They are curious, which makes them excellent guard dogs and suitable for search missions. They can become over-protective of their family and territory, especially if not socialized correctly. They are not inclined to become immediate friends with strangers.Male and female are the same because they both easy to train and they are both smart ,soft black and  fluffy . Did you also know that female German shepherd They’re better for agility, rally obedience due to their size.Females tend to tolerate children and strangers with much more ease than males.Males German Shepherd are more protective of their surrounding area, while females are more protective of their family and the German shepherd male is larger in size and more masculine in structure.Other facts are that The female German shepherd should be smaller in size and feminine in structure.The first thing you need to do for to buy a German Shepherd.First you need to go to any type of pet store to find a German shepherd.Second you can buy some dog food for the dog and five the dog a jugg of water.Then you can take it home and take care of it.After lik a day you should check on your dog and make sure it is very healthy ,and make sure you teach your dog to sit and he or she greets when they are going somewhere.Also the main thing you need to focus on is that make sure you train your dog and make sure it don’t hurt people.t, active owners able to give them focused attention, exercise, training, and lots of one-on-one time. There are few dog breeds whose fans don’t call them “intelligent,” but in the case of the German Shepherd Dog, that’s probably an understatement.Some more facts it that you first need to keep your dog in safe condition because one day you might go somewhere and not watching your dog and it might run away or your dog ,might get ran over by a car or something,So that why you need to take good care of your dog or you might think nothing will happen to the dog  but it end up happening  and you feel very sad about not doing anything to help the dog. After The German Shepherd is an active and intelligent dog. He must be kept busy learning, playing, and working. Daily exercise, both physical (such as jogging and Frisbee) and mental (such as training sessions), is a must. German Shepherds can be aloof and suspicious of strangers.Did you ever know that German Shepherd breed that over the years ,indiscriminate breeding practices have lead to hereditary diseases such as hip and elbow  dysplasia blood disorders and digestive problems.Some solution are that you could keep your dog healthy and If your dog not trained you can easily teach your dogs to sit when he or she greets you.For example a some problem could be that Leaving your German shepherd dogs are alone at home or not giving it enough time will make it extremely aggressive. German Shepherds are loving dogs. However, if you do not spend time with your dog, it will try to grab your attention by barking, biting furniture, biting your foot.The solution could be that you should give your dogs attention and play with him.Some more facts are that he training a German shepherd receives is largely responsible for its behavior. Sadly, some German shepherds are the victims of abusive owners who keep them as attack dogs, train them poorly and encourage dogs to bite any intruders. When these dogs slip their leashes or escape their compounds, they can attack.For example the solution would be that you should encourage your dog and take care of it and treat it with respect.The dog might also struggle to get up because the disease causes muscles to atrophy.German shepherd are large and dangerous dogs and could go loose of a chain and run after you and probably could hurt you.The effect would be that having dogs off the chains can run after you some are dangerous and could probably kill you or hurt you alot.Some other effect can be that  German Shepherd  can turn on their owner and can attack you and could be very  big.They suffer from too many painful and crippling bone and joint diseases – high rates of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, panosteitis, cruciate ligament rupture.Terrible skin problems  chronic itchy allergies, bacterial infections hot spots, seborrhea, demodectic mange, and autoimmune diseases that target the skin.     Some other admire  causes could be that German shepherds are well-known for their loyalty, aloofness and big ears, but they’re also synonymous with hip and elbow dysplasia. The conditions cause an abnormality in the elbow or hip joint of your big guy. Sometimes the joint can even become dislocated. If affected, your pup will likely limp occasionally or constantly and appear less active. There effect would be that keep your dog in safe condition everywhere you go with your dog. Did you know that Many German Shepherds are lost to cancer. Epilepsy is one of the most recent concerns in the breed.