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Discussion In my opinion, it’s true that health philosophy is to maintain physical activity, proper nutrition as well as emotional health as well as physical health, especially to breast cancer patients. Combining these entire together one will automatically be able to have a healthy lifestyle which results in good health and wellness (Forrest et al., 710). Physical activities are an important therapy for emotional and well-being, in doing these activities one will feel good and that you have accomplished a goal that you have set for your own and you will be glad that you have done it and it worked for you. However, maintaining proper nutrition will help you keep up with your physical activity in that the better you eat the better you feel. Eating healthy, natural foods and organic foods while staying away from processed foods, and beverages which are carbonated, and away from fried foods is the best thing one can do to maintain a healthy living since also these foods sometimes may have negative effect on one’s health. When you keep on taking these foods through your lifetime they will bring your emotions and physical health down. It is everyone’s wish to feel happy and enjoy life in the best way possible, hence you must eat well and educate others the importance of health and well-being. Body activity, in this case, lowers the risk of many diseases just like cancer, an active person will not easily develop cancer which applies to women. Women who are always active and who are willing and ready to work throughout the day will have their body tissues being active and strong (Early Breast, 2105). The production of the body cells in the body is done through working towards achieving one basic factor which is body sensitivity and activity. Lack of exercise normally promotes obesity in women which is another factor of high risk of developing cancerous cells. Obesity in women raises a high risk of having breast cancer, especially for women after menopause. . Forecasting The hopeful future Studies have been conducted by different authors about the type of cancer and how it affects our lives, most of these cancer effects, if they are not taken care of, may end up becoming a burden to our life’s and even causing discomfort within our families, hence it’s the obligation of each and every member of the society to come out and address these health issues so that the society is free from illness which can result in even a lot of spending which in return can cause a lot of difficulties in our life’s. Cancer treatment is very expensive considering the impact it will have on the financial situation of a family if not taken care of immediately from the first signs of cancer and being attended to. Cancerous cells are believed to have been a burden to the society if not clearly addressed and a lasting solution made before it spread to the whole body. Many hospitals in most states give patient’s summaries to the state government, hospitals association, or some other health organizations which are obligated to collect this information. They also come up the national inpatient sample which is a major derivative of the state inpatient derivative data whose task is to provide a research database for conducting a national’s land and regional studies of inpatient delivered in the United States. These clearly show the direction of the future of cancer handling and treatment. The state can be able to visit these people whom they have noticed to have cancer and note the progress of their families and how they will be incorporated to make sure that breast cancer and cervical cancer is not passed from parent to child. The future of medicine especially breast cancer medicine is so tiny and diseases and infections have been coming out on the move to make sure that all that they have been administered is not working for them and so far the introduction of nanotechnology effect in the health sector is just but a strategy which is employed to make sure that all the tiny infections affecting those cells in human beings are met and wiped out without just administering drugs which do not show any advances effect on the body of human beings. When you have confirmed that you have breast cancer and you are sure that you are a cancer patient most people seek to get health care from primary care professionals. This primary care professional includes internists, family physicians and pediatricians who are the best option for them. In some cases, physician assistants and nurses with an extra training who in this case are called nurse practitioners provide primary care. It is advisable that most of the times you will need to at least see other care professionals from time to time (Stewart et al., 77). When you have access to a team of healthcare professionals they can easily help improve their patient self-care. There has been one of the remedies employed by most women with breast cancer and in so doing the patient will automatically get out of danger from exposure to more advanced cancer types like cancer affecting the other breast which will be the worst that it could have ever happened to the patient In conclusion, cancer has been and it is a serious disease to human beings, especially breast cancer which is reported in women. The question lingering in the minds of cancer patients and those who have not yet developed cancer is what next for cancer. Nanotechnology has been developed and it’s being used to fight these types of cancer, but all that we need to understand is keeping healthy and regular checkup is the best remedy for solving it out. People should keep a healthy life and maintain a physically fit body. Breast cancer screening would be the best option for women in that they should have a regular screening by professionals to make sure that they are not exposed too much to the danger of cancer. Summary There are risk factors which are related to breast cancer, which are proven and analyzed. Risk factors, in this case, are anything can be able to prevent decrease the chances of getting breast cancer and other diseases. There are beliefs and scientific proves on the same issue and in this case, there is known risk factors for breast cancer. Some of these factors cannot be changed easily while others can easily be changed without much work being done. One of the risk factors for cancer is being a woman in that women are in a serious threat to breast cancer, unlike men who in this case are also prone to developing breast cancer easily. The Older woman is under serious threat of breast cancer, many cases of aging women have in the recent years reported with over 80% of cancer patients in serious conditions being older women. The more the number of years a woman has the higher the risk of getting breast cancer due to their stability and strength of their breast tissues, unlike the younger women and girls (Slamon et al., 180). Age limit can be a posing factor to the old women and in the other hand, these women have the tendency of ignoring g the early signs of cancer, which they would in return have it at the stage which they will be unable to be treated hence leading to deaths. The future of cancer patients is guaranteed only if the stakeholders and the state can take it that serious to mobilize the effects of cancer to the young girls and to show them the dangers of being a cancer patient not only breast cancer but even other types of cancer which they will be exposed. Studies have shown that women with breast cancer usually have history of breast cancer in their families or their background, there might not be from a close relative but from a far blood relative at least in a generation of cancer patients family, not all members will have the same cancer but in this case women can get breast cancer from a generation with other types of cancer not necessarily breast cancer, there might even be a family history which is well known in the past four generations to have other types of cancer such as liver or even skin cancer, in this case, the women from that linage of the patient will develop breast cancer. To make sure that the family and the future lineage of the patient is safe from cancer its wise for the family who have a family history of illnesses to be cautious and take regular checkup for all their family members, this will actually stop or reduce the effect of these illness in the lifetime of the patient. Cancer patients are advised to have a regular checkup and more so to make sure that they visit the facility before it’s too late for it to be cured not to assume that all will be well instead. Women who have had breast cancer in one breast have the risk of getting cancer to the other breast or even the same breast on another part of the breast. There is a possibility when you look at the past medical history of the patient, it may have been that cancer has developed in the past and the women were diagnosed hence luckily get cured without a clear knowledge that it was actually cancer. The same patient has the possibility of developing another cancer type in other parts of the body. Chemotherapy should be thoroughly used, in this case in that it’s advisable to use it anytime there is a sense of developing the cancer type which in this case will be a clear remedy of cancer treatment. Women who do not have children in their early life are highly exposed to the risk of cancer or those women who have children later in life after the age of 30, it puts these women in a slight higher risk of developing breast cancer. Even in other situations, it’s believed that women who have more menstrual cycles also have slightly higher risks, when a woman starts her menstruation period early the risks are minimal, when the woman goes through menopause early she risks developing breast cancer in this case. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and that is why those women who have children late will most likely develop or be exposed to breast cancer which is actually a very serious scenario when it comes only to breastfeeding. It’s good for women to utilize breastfeeding their kids because it’s healthy and it also relieves them from exposure to cancerous cells, the breast tissues are well developed when the child is breastfed. Nevertheless, there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer in women, but there are measures that women should take to make sure that they reduce the risk of cancer and help increase odds that when they get to know about the presence of cancer in their bodies it can be treated in the early stages hence prevent adverse effects to other parts of their bodies. All women should have regular screening to find out cancer and other diseases which might in cause other serious effect to cancer patients, screening can help find cancer when they are still small and the probability of finishing the treatment is actually very high. A clinical breast examination is also useful to women to prevent the exposure to risk associated with breast cancer. This c