Discussion what is offered. This article haveDiscussion what is offered. This article have


Additional Qualities of Good Writing (McLean, S. 2010, p.133) are:

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meets the reader’s

is clear and concise

is efficient and

choose to write on a business related article about Apple’s Iphones entitled “Apple
Unveils iPhone X and 8 Models as It Upgrades TV Set-Top Box” by Chen, B. X.,
Manjoo, F., & Goel, V., 2017, September 12. The said article encapsulates
the above qualities.

released the iPhone X, its first premium-tier phone, priced at $999.00 which
has been recoded as the most expensive for a new iphone model.   The phone is equipped with newer technology
called OLED, a thinner display made lighter and brighter with better color and accuracy
and contrast when compares to it’s predecessor the LCD.  IPhone 8 plus is also here; with a glass body
and faster chip. Apple TV set top box has been upgraded to stream 4k resolution
and the Apple watch series 3 has cellular capabilities and is now available. (Chen,
B. X., Manjoo, F., & Goel, V., 2017, September 12). The article list,
features of the iPhone X such as; wireless battery charging.  It also highlight consumer’s reaction to the
new phone which could possibly have implications on Apple’s revenue as well as
its stock.  The phone’s technology and
interface of the phone have been upgraded considerably, as well as how the
phone navigates.  The iPhone 8 plus can
handle more complex tasks, as well as new camera censors.  (Chen, B. X., Manjoo, F., & Goel, V.,
2017, September 12).

I felt that “Apple
Unveils iPhone X and 8 Models as It Upgrades TV Set-Top Box” article, consist
of the three (3) additional ‘Qualities of Good Writing’.  The writers intend readers are obviously
existing and possibly new iPhone consumers. The message in this article is
clear and concise; it enunciates the features of the new iPhone products, in addition
to its prices and exact description of upgrades. Iphone consumers will not have
any misconceptions regarding what is offered.  
This article have accomplished its purpose in terms of efficiency; in
alerting consumers of Apple’s new iphone X and iphone 8 plus as well as it’s upgraded
products. Though the article achieved its purpose; the overall goal is alert
consumers of new features and products cost.


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(2010). Business Communication for Success. The Saylor Foundation.
Licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution- Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License without
attribution as requested by the work’s original creator or license


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