“Do beneficial for us. I read through“Do beneficial for us. I read through

“Do you want to be just a ‘CA’ or a global CA?”

It was a question asked by a
professor at ICAI.  I came to know that one of my friends has become
a scientist and I was awestruck. “Isn’t there something that I can do to
enlighten the field I work in?” a question kept arising in my mind. I discussed
with friends, surfed the internet and then I got to know how the research field
can be beneficial for us. I read through the profiles of professors and
students of London Business School and said to myself – this is it.

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 I am Sumitra
Dudani and I would like to opt for a Ph.D.
at London Business School.


Why Ph.D.?


The research will give me some
time & satisfaction of having adequate knowledge in my interested domain.
Knowledge is obtained through information and ideas which is based on concepts.
Stronghold on concepts comes from clarity of thoughts. Clarity comes from
interaction with people where we can exchange our thoughts and not just
converse with each other on any issue. It teaches you to be proactive rather
than to be reactive. Ph.D. is not just about a qualification to possess and
show off. It’s a medicine to bring about a revolution in the education system
and consequently the society as a whole.

This brings me to my career
objective of being a person who is distinguishably identifiable among the mass.
I want to be a researcher at a reputed educational institute where I can keep
learning and analyzing things. I observe and evaluate whatever I get to read
and do not just assume it to be correct. The pursuit of knowledge has been an
everlasting desire of my life. I want to have the intellectual satisfaction of
doing something world class. I want to base my findings so strong that it
becomes worthy of Noble.

Why Ph.D. in Finance?


I belong to a business family and
calculations involved in Accountancy were known to me much before I chose the specialization
at school days. Financial Accounting opened my doors to ‘CA’, chartered
accountancy course which is on the top of all the commerce professions in
India. Through CA I got to know and learn about financial management as a field
and I build a respect for the people who are engaged in it.


“You don’t have to be great to
get started, but you have to get started to be great” – Les Brown. I want to be
a learning machine my entire life. I consider Ph. D. in finance as my short
term goal which will help me in the attainment of my long run objectives. This
course will give me sufficient time to study and analyse my intended field.

Why Ph.D. at LSB?

“It’s better to aim high and miss
than to aim low and hit” There is no doubt that Europe is the best place for Ph.D.
in Finance. Having decided that and keeping my profile, area of interest and
application requirements in mind I started searching for universities where I
could apply. London School of Business automatically came up on the top of my
priority list after looking through the profiles of each professor, the
research papers they have submitted, the network they have around the world and
the contributions they have made; it is simply phenomenal. It is a great
heritage in terms of full-time faculty members providing personal attention and
extensive academic resources along with remarkable education. I am sure the
university will build necessary technical skills and the intellectual
discipline required in the field of Finance.

I have gone through the website
considerably and given a deep thought on the pros and cons of studying at
London School of Business, which made me conclude that with excellent research
facilities and highly knowledgeable faculty, it will provide a perfect environment
to focus all my energy towards research.