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Do you think you have ever made a sacrifice in your lifetime? Most humans will have to at some point in their lives. Whether it be for a bigger picture, or to gain something later on in the future, we will all make sacrifices. Many people have gone down in history for great or noble sacrifices they have done or performed. They knew what the value of their sacrifices would be and when to make them.  There are different kinds of sacrifices, different values in different values in sacrifices, and people must know when to make or perform these sacrifices.People in the past have become quite famous and have even been recognized as heroes due to sacrifices they have made on their lifetime. Galileo Galilei was a famous astronomer who sacrificed his own safety to try and prove discoveries that contradicted what the church had said previously. The church and it’s followers even threatened his safety and well being. Witold Pilecki was another person who became well known for his sacrifices. This man joined the Polish resistance and even had himself shipped into Auschwitz to report what the Nazis were up to.Many people don’t know what a sacrifice is. A sacrifice is when you give something up get something of more worth in the future. Usually, a sacrifice is giving up an object of worth, or valuable time in order to achieve something greater. This concept is important to humans and without it we would not have made it this far. People must familiarize themselves with the idea of sacrifice.Even if you do know what a sacrifice is, it does not mean you should go around doing it all the time. You must first be sure that you are going to get something out of worth from doing your sacrifice. The whole point of sacrifice is to give up little, and gain a lot. Be sure that you make the sacrifices for the right things. Always ask yourself if what you are doing is a good idea.Most humans will sacrifice something in their lifetimes. You, me, and your friends and family will or have made some sacrifices. Sure, you might not become famous like Galileo, but you probably will benefit from your sacrifice. You will know when to make them and how to make them.