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Do you know how to use storytelling to connect with readers?Are you looking for a Google Analytics guide to attract blog traffic and reduce rebound rates?Let me guess, you’re working hard to get traffic on your website, but what sucks is that most of your visitors leave immediately.When you look at your analysis, you will notice that some people stay at the minute. But most of your visitors tend to bounce on your website in seconds.After watching this video, things will change … since I’m going to show you how to increase the time on the site.You will know how to tell better stories with your blog and web design tips so that people continue to browse your website.Step n. ° 1: Make sure that the size of your text is big enough: from what I’ve tried, the greater the text size, the longer the duration of the time on the site.Not because people are blind, but because people use smaller devices, like phones, to explore the sites.Step 2: Use storytelling to get in touch with readers: creating stories that engage readers, make them read your content and stay longer on your website.Storytelling is powerful … it has worked for centuries.Step 3: Use Crazy Egg: sometimes Google Analytics is not enough. Crazy Egg is a tool that will show you how people interact with your website. From moving to mouse movements and video recordings … Crazy Egg is a visual analysis tool.For example, on my website, I noticed that people are scrolling down before reading my blog posts. They are reading my conclusions and from there determine if they want to read the rest of the blog post.Once I learned this, I added the conclusions to all my blog posts. This helped me to increase my time on the site.Step 4: Use different types of narration to participate and connect with visitors: from video to audio files, the time spent on the site will increase with the increase of the commitment of these media.Step 5: Add images: use relevant images that convey the message you are trying to broadcast. Images attract people and divide blocks of text.Thanks for watching “How to use Storytelling to connect with readers: Google Analytics Help to reduce the bounce rate”.Do not forget to leave a comment and subscribe to my channel! 🙂