Do powers about 29% of the internet,Do powers about 29% of the internet,

Do you have a website or need one?.
Having a web presence online either for a hobby blog, or an online
business seems to be what is trending at this information age.
You see advancements in technology has
elevated the way people now relate online. In the past having a website
was such a heck as it required full knowledge and understanding of codes
to create one, and even after creating one required constant huge bucks
as payments to developers for maintaining and updating it.
But with the introduction of content management systems, (CMS) all
that changed. Today a person without even a single knowledge in coding,
can create just any kind of website by simply dragging and dropping
contents in a CMS.
With the too many available options out there,
choosing the right platform to build your website can be overwhelming.
But this is an important decision you must make from the start. Below I
want to give you eight reasons why you must choose WordPress to build
your website with.
1. WordPress is unrestricted to Use Easy to set Up and Update
It doesn’t really matter how you chose
to use WordPress. Whether for hobby blogging or for a business website,
it’s free to use for everyone. All you need to do is to go over to signup for a free account and start creating your blog or website.
But if you choose the self hosted version of WordPress which
in my opinion I will advice you to, installation is literally very easy
as you can virtually do it with just one click installation in the
quick-install section in the Cpanel giving to you by your hosting
company. If you even need a more detail answer to insatallation, check
out these WordPress FAQ bulletin to clear your doubts
Also keeping up with updates require just a simple click of the mouse.
2. WordPress is the most chosen/extensively used CMS online.
Have you ever heard of the saying that
the easiest way to accomplish any task in the world has always been;
finding a mentor that has already done what you what to do and copy
their blueprint.
I think You Should take a look at this survey,
just WordPress alone powers about 29% of the internet, which accounts
for above 60% of websites yes of all the CMS out there that exist that’s
how big Their market Share is.
You can for yourself that most websites
owned by gurus are built on WordPress. Looking at the competition
trends in the state that you just saw, i can’t confidently tell you that
no CMS can beat WordPress Period.
Take action today and start your first WordPress website and the chances are you will never regret the decision.
3. A well built-in community.
Building a website from scratch can be
overwhelming.  What should you do or where should you start from are
some of the daunting questions that comes to mind.
Believe it or not, I know how you feel. But trust me you have got a lot of support system every step of the way to help you on this your new journey.
From an interactive WordPress global online community to forums of like-minded people on the same journey just as you, who started out not knowing where to start from but have now mastered some web skills.
They’ll help you every step of the way
to answer all the questions you have that might be confusing as you
proceed. All you need to do is; herd over to the community or forum and just post a question if you ever get stuck and see how multiple solutions will flood in from all over the world.
4. Thousands of Certainly Customizable Themes.
Themes give the look and design pattern
of your website. They give you quick customizable features that allow
you to just drag and drop content where you want them and watch your
website parts form right before your own eyes like magic.
Choosing to build your website with WordPress gives you a database of over 45k of both free and premium themes to choose from.
So, given your website just any design that you want is achievable. All you need is just to pick one theme from the bunch and start customizing it to fit your taste.
5. A host of Plugins that extend your website’s Functions
Plugins extend the functionality of a
website. For example, when you go over to a website you see a form
asking you to enter your email address, or you could be building your
own website and want to add a contact form that your readers can use to
get in touch with you.
These are just some examples of what plugins can help you achieve. WordPress has over 53,743 plugins to choose from that can help you embed just any function on your website as you deem necessary.
The possibilities are endless just go over to plugins in WordPress and pick from a database of both free and paid plugins and style your site with just any functionality.
6. Used and trusted by fortune 500 companies.
WordPress might have started just as a
simple blogging platform, but that’s no longer the case today. It has
now fully grown into a full content management system (CMS). 
As such today building anything from a simple blog to a complex multimedia company website can be achieved with WordPress.
With such advancement of the CMS,
fortune 500 companies such as Forbes, CNN, Sony, Samsung just to name a
few that use to invest millions of dollars to hire developers to code
their websites have all shifted to WordPress.
7. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly.
Almost every person who browses the
internet uses search engines such as Google, Bing to quickly search what
they are looking for.
Ranking your website high on the search
engines has become complex with the low barriers to entry in creating a
website today thanks to CMS such as WordPress.
So to stand out today and rank your website high on search engines, you need to understand Search engine optimization.
You can watch
how Google’s word spam engineer Matt Cutts explains that just building
your website on WordPress compared to other CMS out there already solves
you 80-90% of SEO Problems.
8. WordPress has Stood the Test of Time.
What do I mean by standing the test of
time? Launched exactly on the 23 of May 2003, that’s over a decade-plus
that WordPress has been existing.
Since 2003 websites have evolved from their traditional static nature in the past to a two-way communication device.
Which include blogs that owners can add
content regularly, social media engagements that engage writers and
readers and commenting features on blogs that followers can let content
producers know their thought and opinions and even ask and answer
questions. WordPress has grown with all these updates and is still not
slowing down.
You see the fact that that I just
listed this few reasons why you should be using WordPress, or consider
moving your website to WordPress if you are using other CMS doesn’t
limit WordPress to this few reasons the list is endless.
Just as the strength of a house depends
on the foundation, so will the strength of your website depends on the
foundation you build on. This decision is important right from day one
as everything depends on it.
You can continue browsing online as to
why WordPress is preferred by most website owners and see for yourself
all I give are just solid benefits that I have noticed with the software
still the decision o what to choose for your website will depend on you
and you alone.