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Doctor’s appointment: The aforementioned is apparently the perfect excuse you can give to for missing work. This excuse is best if you make it the appointment the prime thing in the morning or even later in the day for instance around 2 p.m. The excuse will get you absent for work for a half-day or so. This will help you recharge especially if you program the appointment on a Friday afternoon.

Illness: Your employer may be very rude if he or she does not excuse you for missing out because you are ill. This will apparently work best if some of the symptoms like coughing are evident. Being laid in a hospital bed is also a good reason and will let you miss work for some days.

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 Traffic jam: This is also a good reason to miss work or get to work late. However, this will work best if you do not use the aforementioned reason so many times, well, it might get you terminated if you keep on using it.

Car troubles: Well, car is out of fuel or even a tire burst, who would not believe that? Not unless your employer does not have a car or does not even know how to drive. This makes it a very good reason for getting to work late.

Appointments: Let us say you have an appointment with your lawyer or even an accountant. Isn’t that a good reason to miss work? In addition, who shouldn’t understand that? Well, may be a crude boss. This makes it a nice excuse because you can use as many times as you want.

No conveyance: You are receiving a small salary that cannot buy you a car. You go to the bus station and you miss it or it turns out to be late.  That is what we call a perfect reason for missing work. However, you have to be careful not to use it many times.

Root canal: This is definitely a bad idea. You have a root cavity or a fractured tooth and you have to visit a dentist. That is a nice excuse; the only problem is that it cannot be faked.

Family emergency: It is not the business of your boss to know your family matters, not unless he or she is a close friend. This is a perfect reason for missing out work; but again this excuse should not be overused, not unless you have evidence of the emergency for example so may calls. Nevertheless, smart people can fake that, meaning you have to be careful when using this excuse.

Child’s doctor appointment: Your child is below ten years. Does he even know the way to the hospital? Who says that is not a perfect reason to miss work? May be your boss who does have a family or who has never been a child in his or her lifetime. Let us not be rude, it is only missing work, we are just trying to get a perfect reason.

A school visit: This excuse will only work best if your boss knows that you have school-going children. However, school visits cannot be every now and then, thus, overusing this idea is not a wise thing to do. If you use it once in a month, it will work best.