Done kicking and screaming his way backDone kicking and screaming his way back

Done in the style of tabloid newspapers.Mel Gibson braving World War II itself to come out the other end kicking and screaming his way back to success.??SMLXLAfter the backlash of his anti semantic slurs, Mel Gibson fell into a career ending pit but it seems he has earned his career back with this visceral and wondrous piece of cinematic art. A film so unforgivably true to the story of a downtrodden man exiled by his chosen path, that one can’t help but see the parallels to Gibson himself and respect his gall in choosing such a bold come back so close to his own walk of life. A page for the Cinematic history books.Hacksaw ridge tells the true story of medic Desmond Doss the first conscientious objector to receive the congressional medal of honour. It’s honest. it’s violent. It’s bloody fantastic.Torn between his dedication to his faith and his duty to serve his country hacksaw ridge follows Doss played by dynamite up and comer Andrew Garfield as he dredges the battlefields of Okinawa with valiant bravery, saving countless men under the humble mantra of ‘God help me get one more’This film is simply a masterpiece.Doss signs up to the army under the assumption that the fact that he’s a devout Seventh Day Adventist, he could serve as a combat medic without having to shoot or even carry a firearm. This of course isn’t the case and Doss is shunned by his fellow soldiers and officers labelled a coward and liability. In true Hollywood fashion though Doss overcomes the prejudices of his peers enough to earn their respect. With unforgiving brutal cinematography that rivals that of Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. The close ups of blown off limbs and broken bodies, Gibson does a good job of visually creating a sympathetic image of the cause that Doss fights for. He refuses to contribute to an already violence ridden world. We as an audience feel that cause and justification as if it were our own, and through this platform period drama we can see the connotations of everlasting violence that prevail even in today’s society. It’s one thing to create a documentation bio pic of what this soldiers life ‘might’ have been, it’s another to feel war closing in as you step through it as a viewer in the place of a soldier. To feel like one wrong step could lead to your own demise. To not question the very ground Doss steps on is covered in real bones. It is truly breath taking.Doss is a unfiltered hero unabashed by his conviction in his beliefs, beautifully conveyed with an air of innocence and untapped wisdom. All praise given to the wonderfully talented Andrew Garfield for approaching the role with respect, realism and Raw emotional passion.??SMLXL Bravo Andrew GarfieldThe most shocking part of this film is that Hollywood itself had to tone down the magnitude of Doss’ heroic acts in face of a more believable story line.??SLXLMThe Real Desmond Doss Simply put Hacksaw ridge is a masterpiece. For casual viewers and historic film buffs alike this film is a wondrously authentic peek into the life of a war hero. Come for the breathtaking visuals, stay for the emotional roller coaster story that backs it up in this epic war drama. The best I’ve seen in a good long while. A worthy contribution to the historic War genre.