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Forget Your Face.

Do you love facials but clueless about how
you can do your own facial? Is regular facial at the salon expensive for you?
Due to my great love for getting a facial especially of my own, I have decided
to share with you a step by step guide to do it yourself because you can concur
with me that a good base for your makeup is always needed.

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Use cleansing oils
to massage yourself. My favorite cleansing
oils are DHC cleansing oil and Shu Uemura Balancing Oil, they are a bit costly
but their qualities are worth the pennies. Furthermore, I don’t use them daily.
Using your oil, gently work it on the face, neck, and under your chin. Then do
a good massaging on them using your fingertips for a few minutes. With wet
hands, turn the oil into an emulsion and again gently massage areas around the
t-zone, then the forehead and chin, after this rinse the emulsion with some
warm water.


Repeat the
cleansing process. Wipe your face dry
then, cleanse it now with your ordinary cleanser that favors your skin. Then
repeat the process of massaging gently the whole face and do not forget the
neck and under the chin. It is recommended you start working this from bottom
moving upwards and outwards prior to rinsing using warm water.


Carry out
exfoliation. Here it is recommended you
use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant exfoliator and remember only a small
amount of it is needed. Consequently, expect it to serve you for a long time.
By mixing a small amount of it with little water to create a smooth paste, massage
the face softly with your fingertips for a few minutes, Start from the bottom
all the way upward through your neck, under your chin, outwards from the nose,
up to the forehead. You should also make it get in all around the nooks of your
face and do not forget on and around your lips. Then, rinse it and dry the


Apply the face mask. Up to this far, your face should be feeling a bit softer
and also looking clearer. Any rehydrating face mask is ideal for the job. Apply
it starting with the neck moving upwards, whichever your skin type, even the
oily, it will work and take 10-15 minutes to relax maybe in bath. Then, using
your warm moist muslin cloth gently and slowly wipe the mask off and make sure
you are not dragging the skin.


Use a moisturizer. For me I’m in love with serums, that’s Liz Earle Super skin
Concentrate but for you find a moisturizer that makes your skin glow and then
stick with it. Apply it, then, softly apply an eye cream on areas around your
eye bones before you go to sleep and make sure you don’t sleep with those


Oh, I almost to forgot to give you the pro
tip! Remember to work on areas around your ears too with the cleanser and
exfoliator before retiring to sleep and the following days to come always make
sure you are drinking around 2litres of water to stay hydrated. Did you know
that those lines surrounding your eyes you think are wrinkles are not, they are
effects of dehydration? You just need to drink enough water and you will be
surprised how fast they will disappear. With the above guide, it is the high
time you don’t forget your face any longer.