Doping it literally destroys the competition becauseDoping it literally destroys the competition because

 Doping in sports is bad for your health and it completely ruins the competition.                                I think doping in sports is bad for you and it should not be tolerated.Reason #1Doping in sports should not be allowed because of all of the health issues like some drugs give too much air to the blood system that the person cant handle it and falls unconscious and possibly falls into a coma or might even die. Some drugs like adrenaline can rush blood too fast and the blood rushes through your head too much and you can fall unconscious or possibly die if help doesn’t come in time. Here is a short story of what can happen if you drug yourself “Two men were doping wings in a room that had no arti?cial ventilation, and one of them was taken with dizziness and faintness and fell to the ?oor.”         “Therefore, we hope that the present study helps to create conditions for establishing an international standard of reference that promotes and renders more likely the use of indirect testing methods, for example, as a means of determining the effects of doping prevention measures on athletes’ attitudes.”Reason #2Doping also should not be allowed because it literally destroys the competition because you get more energy from it and other people who trained long and hard they start feeling like they didn’t train long and hard and that they should train more but that’s not the truth because they did train long and hard it’s just that someone decided to cheat and use drugs because they know that there gonna “win” wich they are probably gonna win because they used special drugs that increase your endurance and some can increase your performance and that means that other people who don’t do drugs don’t get the competition and that’s why “We all should know by now that the fight against doping in sport has reached the stage where science alone will not eradicate cheating or very often even detect it”.Reason #3Doping in sports should not be allowed because athletes cheat and they always win wich will get very boring after a while and many athletes not doping would just wanna quit because they know there gonna loose which is never fun. Here is an example “The clever cheating athlete on the other hand is becoming better at cheating, more sophisticated and funded more extensively. Look at the money now to be made in sport, most reasonably good footballers in the Premier League earn more than WADA’s annual budget – one player! That clever cheating athlete might now be confident in the view that he or she will avoid detection under the historical approach.”And that’s why doping should not be allowed because it ruins the competition and it can ruin the athletes health also it can cause athletes to quit because they get bored because the same person wins every time.