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Driving a car or riding motor bike is a lovable passion and ongoing trend fashion to many people around the globe. It is true that safety driving of a car or riding a bike in winter is a burning issue. According to the change of season as well as temperature, cars are needed some extra take care for safe riding. Also, the rider or driver needs to keep a lot of things in mind to have a safe journey. Several necessary tips for safe driving of car during winter are:Old batteries need to replace quickly for winter season. A smaller battery may be sufficient in warm weather and may not have enough to be open in winter weather.Tyres of car must be scrutinized for its flexibility and pressure consumes power before riding. As the temperature drops outside winter, Tyre pressure drops as well. If it is vulnerable, replace it quickly.Some engines have different viscosity grades depending on the climate element. So, it is important to check the car or bike manuals what oil should be used depending on the variation of the temperature of weather.Check twice the brake pads of your car. Its failure is irreplaceable during journey.Wisely use of snow chain whereas necessary. It will save Tyres from severe damage.Wiper blades & Scrapper need to over check before driving car in winter.Necessary things should be take along with like Windshield wiper, Ice creeper, Snow brow, Gloves, Snow chain etc.However, the safety tips for riding or driving in winter cannot be ended by just mention few points. According to the place, time, road, traffic it might be a bigger list. Apart from all of these, consciousness is the very basic thing what can minimize the number of accident due to hypothermia, or brake failure during riding or unexpected tyre jam in the middle of the road.Last but not least in importance, people are more likely to ride moto rather than car now a day. So, riding a motor bike safely during winter results from some extra care and planning. Some general bike riding tips especially for winter are given below:Avoid riding below 35-degree Fahrenheit.X sBe cautious of road salt, can be just as bad as ice, also make sure to wash it off the bikes.Watch over Salt, looking for fresh cracks due to Plows and Black Ice.Highly recommended heated gear, grips and gloves, winter jackets.Use exhaust to heat your hands up.Increase driving visibility and try to following distance patiently.If it starts snowing or sleeting, ride cautiously and try to find back roads with low traffic to ride back home.Winter driving is also very challenging for heavy auto driver, especially for the truck driver. It requires special attention & care for having a safe driving. Regardless of bad road condition, the driver is solely responsible for a secured driving in winter condition. Here is some key point to remember while making a successful & safe winter driving with heavy vehicle:Pay special attention to your truck, like Tyre, wiper, heaters are properly functioning or not.Keep the windows, mirrors and lights clean for better visibility.Take enough warm clothing when you travel, like Jacket, boot, gloves, hats are essential in winter monthsIt is good to carry some extra food and blanket, it will reduce frostbite or hypothermia probabilityCheck the lodge carefully and follow the instruction of manufacturer for Tyre change, if necessary.At poor visibility always keeps your Truck lights onIf you see some other vehicle lost control in your path, don’t pass or squeeze through, it is recommended to wait till the to make the road clear.In sleek road, drive slowly to control your truck speed and it allows less possibility of reduced traction.Keep distance from your following vehicle to have more reacting time during snowy condition.If you feel, Tyres are sliding, slow down your speed and increase acceleration slowly until you fully ensure that you regain traction. In that case, remember if you fully stop your Truck, it might not be start running again.Never create angle more than 15 degrees in skiddy road, it can cause permanent brake failure.The key point is, drive your vehicle slowly to avoid accidentAnalyze the total road condition, traffic congestion, wind & weather, visibility for ultimate safe driving.