Drugs 2018). Contrary to popular belief theseDrugs 2018). Contrary to popular belief these


can have a negative impact and harm on both the user and others around them
either physically and psychologically and or socially. The use of illegal
drugs, impacts on the social and economic well-being of the country, not to
mention that it smears its reputation overseas. The Government’s organized
crime strategy sets out that drug trafficking to the UK costs an estimated
£10.7 billion per year (Nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk, 2018).There is a high
amount of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and ecstasy widely available
throughout the UK. This essay is going to discuss drug abuse and how it can
risk someone’s health, mental state, and productivity in the workplace while simultaneously affecting others
around them.

is taken for granted by many, and drug abusers are on top of that list of
people. Drug abuse can have a wide range of effects
on human being. Depending on how they are taken, how much is taken, the
person’s health, and other factors. Some of the short-term effects can range
from changes in appetite, wakefulness, heart rate, blood pressure, and/or mood
to heart attack, stroke, psychosis, overdose, and even death (Recovergateway.org,
2018). Contrary to popular belief these health effects may occur after just one
use. After all, it all starts after “I
will just try it once”. In the long-term,
the person may develop heart and lung issues, cancer, and possibly mental
issues. These effects can have lifelong consequences on someone’s life,
consequences that may be fatal. To avert such conditions drugs should have a
higher constriction on them, that’s crucial to limit the consumption of drugs.

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drugs can alter the brain perception and change its way of thinking, by not
allowing the user to enjoy simple things in life, unless under the influence of
drugs and in this case the user will feel obliged to consume more drugs to achieve
the aspired results, as the body has adapted to the presence of a substance
that will increase the user’s tolerance, subsequently increasing the dose and
intake making the user more dependent on drugs otherwise will face rather
deadly withdrawal symptoms usually associated with paranoia, aggressiveness, hallucinations
(Drugs.ie, 2018), and many more if they decide to stop using the substance they
are on. Now the solution to avoid that is to slowly reduce the intake, or take
a less harmful replacement and progressively stop, as someone cannot simply
stop after being an avid user because
they will inevitably face withdrawal symptoms if they are addicted and have a
high tolerance, and ideally not start consuming drugs in the first place. The mental effects
of drug abuse are more likely to remain in the user’s
system even after stopping, and the recovery time for them is longer than that
of physical effects.

abuse does not only affect the users, it also affects the people surrounding them
both physically and mentally, whether it is in a home, an office, or even in the
street any environment associated with illegal drugs leaves a negative impact, on
those in its proximity. it can almost be compared to a black hole as it sucks everything
around and destroys it. A home associated with drugs will eventually crumble, as
it seeps into their relationships creating an awful virus that destroys trust and
love, the building blocks of a family. Drugs evident in an office will reduce productivity;
impair judgment and concentration, and inappropriate behavior affecting employee
morale (Workplace, 2018). To avoid such predicaments drugs should not be within
the vicinity of a closed society or any society for that matter.


in all, illegal drug use accommodates many issues and complications affecting a
person’s health and well-being mentally and or physically, weakening them and affecting
almost every organ in their body starting with the one that carries out all the
tasks and regulates and maintains the body, the brain. Also damaging vital organs
such as the heart or the lungs, and leaving their mental state in turbulence and confusion and socially impairing.
Further stopping them from maintaining their composure whether it be in a household or office and carrying out their everyday
tasks. Putting them and others around them at risk, while creating disputes tearing
down families making them fragile likewise
with an office or workplace. To bypass all that and live in harmony, one must carry
out a healthy lifestyle distancing him or
herself from all that relates to drugs.