Due pipes even ships originated from theDue pipes even ships originated from the

Due to the impact of the Industrial Revolution, life and living standers for people rose and became much better, easy and more effortless. Many people gained more power and money, which gave them more opportunities in life. The change society was going through happened due to many good new ideas, inventions and understandings of what was going on around us, and how we could make life better and more improved.  Specifically, John Green said “life expectancy never rose above 35 or below 25” before the industrial revolution. Have you ever wondered where most of your things come from? Electricity, car, bed, antibiotics, your living area besides a farm? The Industrial Revolution is the correct answer. Most of what we have today such as cars, trains, silk, water pipes even ships originated from the Industrial Revolution. Without it, we would never have these things. Before the Industrial Revolution, people didn’t have access to all these things . For hundreds of years “life in many countries focused mainly on agriculture, about 80% of people were farming to keep themselves alive as well as the other 20% of the population. As Patt Hudson said “Today in the U.S, less that 1% of people list their occupation as farming” Through the process of developing into a better society continued, people now started to move away from agriculture and into towns and cities. It is important to realize that people did this because, they knew that life in cities and towns with more industrial machinery compared to where they lived, could offer them better opportunities and more success overall. As a matter of fact, it certainly offered better jobs in the factories as well as better paid work and life services.  Before women and children had to work a lot and got paid little, this was changing. Living standers for people rose, they became richer and healthier, resulting to more children surviving to adults instead of starving.