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During 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue, and took over america and started many lives their and also took many lives. After that many people immigrated from all different parts of the world during the 1800’s, and started their lives here. In my paragraphs below i will talk about this process.  During the the time between 1492 – present a lot things happened. Like columbus came during the year of 1492, to what we call present day america, and took over the native to the area native americans. The native americans were friendly to columbus, but he wasn’t, as in he he took over the land that they lived in and took them as slaves. Also when they came to america columbus and his people had diseases and sicknesses that the indians didn’t have, which killed them off almost, about 90%, almost the rest killed brutally by columbus. During the 1820’s mostly english, irish, and scottish people moved here and built small towns and cities, and they thrived well because the villages were so small that illnesses rarely spread through the villages and when they did they were easily kept down and cured. The population bursted after the farmers needed big families for helping them on the farms they had. After the populations had grown they started building bigger more modern towns and cities, and the first big trading post in present day new york.This concludes my first part on the history of america and the first wave of us immigration during the time points of 1492 present day. I’m going to be talking about the second wave which was 1820’s. During the time of 1820, the immigrants were mostly chinese, and were hated because they were different, and were only thought as slaves. This is my info from the second wave of immigrants. Hello, now i’m going to be talking about all my notes and knowledge on ellis island. In 1892, immigrant started coming in from everywhere to the united states, for religious, and political freedom which they couldn’t find in their home country. As more people started coming, they developed a system for security, as their was a huge stairwell they would walk up to see if they had any diseases that would keep them from doing that, and if they did, they would get ” chalked ” which meant that they would get chalk on their lapel, which is part of their shirt by the neck. Besides all the measures they had to take for getting in they liked it here. But then after WWI they stopped letting people into the country, or not as many, for suspicion of them being spies in the world war at the time. After that their was only a three percent chance of getting into the united states at the time,  and basically stopped the huge flows of immigrants. During that period they had to stop letting people in, and it broke down in the 1940s. In the 1950s after a lot of negotiating, using 1.6 million dollars, they rebuilt it as a museumHello my name is john and i will be talking about the fourth wave which occurred during 1965 to the present day. The people that came during this time were Vietnam:700,000, Canada:650,000, Cuba:720,000, India:740,000, Korea: 760,000, Mexico: 4,300,000.They came to escape nazi persecution, and the war in their home countries. More people tried coming, but got kept out during this time, due to the quota act. Immigrants have changed the face of america due to the fact that they have worked for us, and helped us show us that it was not right to have different colored people do work for us, and helped stop all that.