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During this stage, a task that will be set for the children to complete for this stage is a fact file. This means that the children will be working independently and composing a fact file about a chosen animal that lives underwater. Through this it will be clear if the children are able to use adjective confidently in their writing to describe their chosen animal. It will also show whether or not the children are able to use descriptive language to talk about the way their animals look and where in the ocean they live. The reason why I have chosen this activity is because it will show whether children understand the concept of facts, as the fact file should contain the main facts about their chosen animal. The text type that the children will be using in this activity is writing in third person and factual description, this will help the child, through this activity the children will also use heading and subheading to outline what they are taking about in each paragraph. The learning objective: for this activity is ‘To be able to recognise the structure of a fact file and the features of a fact file’, this will ensure children understand that when they are doing writing in form of fact files they need to include titles, headings, subheading etc. The outcome for this activity is the children ability to identify facts that are meaningful and relevant to go into their sea creature that they have chosen. This will help children when they are doing comprehension tasks as they will be able to identify key facts that they may possibly need as answers.


Furthermore, the children will be writing a story about a sea creature of their choice after they have done their fact file, as they will have gathered information about a sea creature that they find interesting. This will follow with peer assessment which will have the child’s work highlighted in three sections pink is excellent, green is good and orange can be improved. Writing their own story will help to develop their child’s imagination and their creativity skills as they can do whatever they want in their story. The Leaning objective for this activity is ‘To develop the sea creatures character through description and build suspense in the story’. This learning objective will help the children progress their writing as they may not have written writing with suspense in before therefore, it could be a new type of writing for them. The outcome for this activity is through this task the children will learn how to write a story and to create suspense for the characters in the story through using descriptive words. This will also help the children to develop their writing skills and the language that they use when describing things. The activities that the children have done in lessons beforehand will help them when doing this activity as they will have come across many descriptive words. For example, when they are completing the fact file they will discover new words that they could possibly use. 

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