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During the early 1900’s President Woodrow Wilson promised American citizen’s that he would keep the country out of war.That promise was only kept during his first term as President.The United States wanted to stay isolated and out of the dispute between our allies. President Wilson was very big on isolationism and wanted America to stay isolated as long as possible. One major factor for the United States involvement in WW1 was the invasion and defestating tales of Germany’s attacks on -the very neutral- Belgium.Due to yellow journalism many exaggerated stories of Germans slaughtering Belgian women and children,the American public became outraged and urged the government to intervene. Although this was very important, the very last straw happened two years later on January 1917. The British intelligence had intercepted a letter from a German ambassador who had made a letter in code, sent to Mexico’s leader. The letter promised Mexico to reclaim land such as New Mexico, Arizona, and California, in return if they declared war on the United States. This promise was only valid if America had declared war on Germany, thankfully the letter was intercepted and President Wilson was informed instantly. On November 11 1918 and millions of casualties later, Germany had finally surrendered and all countries involved had agreed to end the war altogether.But not until June 28th 1918 did the Allies and Germany formally end the war.A treaty was negotiated between the Allies in which they called the ‘Treaty of Versailles’.This agreement had made it nearly impossible for Germany to ever make war against.One article of the treaty, made germany’s boundaries smaller and gave countries whose land that was taken returened.Another article had weakened the German military , and prohibited them from having and making certain warfare weapons. A war guilt clause was created and Germany was held accountable for the war and had to obtain that they were ‘the sole cause’ of WW1. Germany had to pay for reperations for the war although they were not given a specific number. Germany also had many other financial obligations , and this caused a decline in their economy. The Germans were angry and shocked, the lost a great amount of money, land , and their population decreased. The government became weak and that lead to a radical Nazi group to rise to power. I believe the hatred towards Germany lead to the harshness of Treaty of Versailles, and that ended up leading the U.S and Allies into a second World War.