During winter in 1777 and 1778. ValleyDuring winter in 1777 and 1778. Valley

During the Revolutionary War, there were many battles going on. Throughout the battles, there were a lot of armies who had to have a place to stay. The armies would all have their own campsite to live at. One of those places where an army could camp at was Valley Forge. The American Continental Army stayed at Valley Forge for the winter in 1777 and 1778. Valley Forge was a turning point for America. It was a turning point since it helped America gain independence from the British. Valley Forge is also known as the birthplace for the American Army. “Valley Forge was significant, not only for the reshaping Washington’s army, but for the dedication, endurance, and resilience demonstrated by the Americans in their cause for Independence” (Winter 1).”The American Continental army had just lost two important battles. The army lost in the Battle of Brandywine in September and also the Battle of Germantown in October” (Washington 1). The Patriots needed a place to stay for the winter to keep an eye on the British army. “The British army marched into Philadelphia the previous autumn and the Patriots couldn’t stop them from taking over the city. Philadelphia was the largest city in the colonies and the seat of political power” (Washington 1).Many people thought George Washington was a bad leader after that happened. He needed to find a place soon so he could convince and prove to the Continental Congress he was a good leader for the army. In the winter of 1777, the Continental Army headed to Valley Forge. Some of the soldier’s wives and kids also came along to camp at Valley Forge for the winter. They were known as Camp Followers  “George Washington moved his army to Valley Forge since it’s close enough to where the British was camping. It was also far enough from them so the Patriots would have enough time to be ready and get prepared if the British attacked.  It was also a good place to fight against the British army. The reason it was a good place to fight was because there was high areas to make fortifications. There was also a river, the Schuylkill river, that served as a barrier to the north. Valley Forge is in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania around twenty five miles northwest of Philadelphia” (American 1).  The army got to Valley Forge on December 19, 1777. When they got there they were all starving, cold, and very tired. Valley Forge was a very dark place and it wasn’t a good place to stay at for the winter. Many of the soldiers didn’t have much clothes to stay warm. The soldiers also didn’t have shoes to wear during the winter at Valley Forge. They didn’t have shoes since they got ruined when they were on their journey to the camp. Since the soldiers didn’t have shoes, it caused them to leave bloody footprints in the snow. Martha Washington would bring baskets of socks to the soldiers that didn’t have shoes. Another thing they lacked was blankets. There were  only a few blankets for the soldiers to use. This was only the beginning to a very cold, harsh and miserable winter. The patriots were running low on supplies, such as food, clothes, and medicine. Then there was the British army, they had enough food and water to survive. People would give the British food, but not the Patriots. The British also had warm cabins for everyone to live in and stay healthy unlike the Patriots. “The Patriots were living in cold, damp, and crowded log cabins which made matters even worse because it allowed disease and sickness to spread quickly throughout the camp. Diseases such as typhoid fever, pneumonia, and smallpox took the lives of many soldiers. Of the 10,000 men who began the winter at Valley Forge, around 2,500 died before the spring” (American 1). The soldiers who survived the winter stayed loyal to the army. ¨By February of 1778, the weather eased somewhat — moving from brutal to merely miserable¨ (Valley 1). George Washington knew the soldiers needed to get better with their fighting, so he asked for some help. In February, Baron Friedrich von Steuben came to Valley Forge. He helped the soldiers a lot, by training them Prussian style. He made them become more disciplined and a force that can keep fighting against the British. He also helped them become more confident with their skills. Then Marquis de Lafayette who joined the army at Valley Forge, also helped out the army after the brutal winter they had just gone through. He talked to the soldiers, and always made sure they gave their best effort. He was very helpful and dedicated to the soldiers and George Washington. He worked for no pay and never asked for special treatment from the army. The Patriots then became an ordered force with Baron Friedrich von Steuben and Marquis de Lafayette’s help. “News of a French alliance with the Americans came in May, 1778” (Winter 1). The French joined them in the Fight For Freedom by sending them military supplies and soldiers to help fight against the British. After hearing that news, George Washington could focus more on strategies and how the Patriots were going to defeat the British. Then in June, a more disciplined army left Valley Forge and headed to New Jersey. They felt stronger after being at Valley Forge, and more determined than ever to beat the British army. “Barely a week later, the Patriots forced the British from the field in the Battle of Monmouth” (Valley 1). The major events at Valley Forge play an important part in the American Revolution. It was important because it was the training camp for the American Continental Army . It was also a home for them during the winter. Also during the winter new strategies were made. They were later used during the war to help defeat the British army and gain our independence.