E-commerce systems to be updated according toE-commerce systems to be updated according to

E-commerce is recognised as one of the leading business area of the world and upcoming information technology trends require the server models of e-commerce management systems to be updated according to the latest big data requirements. Although there are excellent servers for desktops that are available for these high scale businesses produces by leading companies as Intel and ARM but these servers are not capable of handling big data and its overload. Several studies in the academia suggest the use of small low power processors to replace high power consuming processors as a solution. According to our research, Intel’s atom processor seems to consume much less power as compared to the rest of processors and the increase in power per thread is also lesser comparatively. As according to the business scenario, E-commerce applications are mostly I/O intensive compared to being CPU Intensive, Intel’s Atom processor performs much better for I/O intensive applications as compared to the other processors. Although ARM is also implied to be more energy efficient in one of the studies than its opponent however it was established that its performance decreases as the number of problem sizes increases. Therefore, it can be easily noticed that for the upcoming challenge of managing big data, Intel’s Atom seems to be the most appropriate solution at present.

For future work, the emerging technology called as field-programmable gate array can be used in combination with the low power processors in the E-commerce server system. FGPAs are integrated circuits that can be programmed to work as processors and they can provide added benefits of large data processing but with high efficiency. (06189226). Several studies have already been done on the topic but the solution has still not been applied on high scale commercial platforms because of its disadvantage of requiring the use of a lot of resources to program them individually and specifically.(p46 singh) Regardless, FGPAs look like the best building blocks for the big data challenges in the future E-commerce datacentres (a16-cong)

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