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Elya KandahariEnglish 11SmithDecember 10, 2017It Takes Less than 2 Months to Get Over the Death of Millions President Trump has failed to focus consistently on rebuilding the devastated island of Puerto Rico, home to 3.4 million US Citizens, after the tropical storm Hurricane Maria took place. Two months after the disaster, the power still remains out in even the Puerto Rico’s most bustling cities, more than 50% of the population still live without electricity, and 100% of those with power experience constant blackouts. The innocent citizens of Puerto Rico have essentially been left for dead by their own federal government, and despite the efforts of Puerto Rican Officials to raise money for the island, the funds raised so far are nowhere near what is needed to provide and rebuild for Puerto Rico’s commonwealth. Hence, the citizens of Puerto Rico are still suffering and losing hope in their own government whose main job is supposed to be protecting their lives. Part of the reason why Puerto Rico still remains in ruins is due to the poor coverage of the media, and the little mention President Trump had on Hurricane Maria and the devastated population of the US territory. In the article ¨The Mainstream Media didn’t Care About Puerto Rico until it Became a Trump Story¨, author Anushka Shah mentions shockingly how ¨The Sunday after Maria hit the island, the New York Times front page had no mention at all of Puerto Rico, it was set aside in favor of Trump’s NFL tiff¨,(Shah). Huge American news sources failed to provide even the slightest coverage on such a devastating American disaster in its aftermath. The coverage our own President had on the issue was sadly not any more informational or helpful. The national media really only started to pay attention to Puerto Rico ¨After days of silence by Trump…When Trump started a fight with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, Puerto Rico finally started to get more coverage¨,(Shah). President Trump’s twitter rage criticizing the ¨Nasty¨ mayor of Puerto Rico was as much commentary the island got about the natural disaster, therefore the only topic covered in the news about Puerto Rico´s situation. News sources covered stories only the most appealing to the public such as a Trump’s feud instead of the innocent lives of United States citizens being lost due to the lack of aid being sent over. Later, during President Trump’s visit to the island, he had jokingly mentioned how much Puerto Rico was going to cost as if disaster relief is a favor a President grants for his citizens, not a mandatory action provided to save the lives of millions of citizens. Meanwhile, Texas and Florida, states Trump won during the 2016 presidential election, were also hit by several hurricanes recently, had gotten enormous amounts of aid in such a short span of time. The President has also made no announcement that the government was pulling back on the huge amount of financial aid given already to both states. However, as a result of the island not getting the News reportage it deserves, many Americans have come to assume that Puerto Rico is rebuilding just as well as states who were also hit by hurricanes. Consequently, the island still struggles tremendously while seeking for aid even 2 months after the natural disaster. In the article ¨Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Struggles to Regain Electricity and Thousands Flee the Island¨ written by Milton Galarza, it has been made clear that the Puerto Rican officials attempts to reach out for any financial aid has been overall unsuccessful.¨To date, Congress has approved $5 billion in aid…Even so, Puerto Rico Gov. Richard Rossello has called on the federal government to give Puerto Rico nearly $94 billion¨,(Galarza). The United States federal government has been unresponsive and uncooperative so far on this burning issue costing the lives of thousands, little money has been given to the island for reparations, and Puerto Rican´s are having a harder and harder time seeking for more aid. As a result of the prolonged response and mere support, the citizens of Puerto Rico have been left hopeless and many already packing up belongings to leave the island completely. The last thing the Territory needs is to lose any more of its citizens in a time where support is in great demand, and debts are still to be paid off. Fellow Puerto Rican citizen Lopez Correa, 28, spoke to Los Angeles Times about his take on Puerto Rico’s decreasing population and mentions “Every time somebody leaves, my debt increases, because those of us who stay remain with the same amount of debt meaning there is less of us to pay it¨,(Correa). The President´s and federal government’s lack of support has left Puerto Rico and its population physically and mentally in ruins. Our own citizens hopes of getting their lives back on track have been crushed. To reverse the detrimental effects Hurricane Maria has brought upon the innocent people of Puerto Rico, our nation has to first provide hope to those in need to push through their hardships and stick together as a community as aid slowly comes their way.