Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognizeEmotional intelligence is the ability to recognize

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage your emotions and the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence, also known as EI, is much like intelligence quotient, IQ, except EI is hard and more complicated to measure. Some people find emotional intelligence unimportant or trivial, but in reality, it’s exactly the opposite. Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success and happiness than IQ. Having a high level of emotional intelligence, is to accurately be able to express your feelings and taking responsibility for them, and also recognize the feelings of others. Naturally, emotionally intelligent people are good leaders as they have the ability to understand what motivates others and build on that motivation.We all have some level of emotional intelligence and different emotional skills, recognizing what they are is always a good thing in order to get to know yourself better and improve on the areas in which you might be weak.  One of my strong emotional skill is my ability to pursue success. I have lots of dreams and strategies that will help me make those dreams a reality. I have dreams that will take years to fully achieve but that isn’t stopping me from at least trying. Whenever I have a goal set in my mind, I make it work. I make that goal come true and never fail to meet it, despite shortcomings and setbacks. I’m very determined and perhaps a bit stubborn, sometimes, but it is all just to make those dreams I have no longer dreams, but a reality. I’m fully aware that the only way I’ll ever lose is if I give up or never even try. In difficult situations standing on my own towards my goals, I’m able to fully control my emotions, like fear, anger, pessimism, sadness or any other emotion I might encounter. Im able to recognize the feelings that are in my way and learn to use them to my advantage, instead of allowing them to become an issue for the long run.